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  1. thankyou i havn't heard anything since but hopefully this bird will be caught and reunited with its owners
  2. a friend of mine has contacted me saying a african grey has been seen in a tree near sedgemore manor school sydnham area of bridgwater just thought i'd post incase anyone out there knows who has lost one near by.
  3. i am going to ring the rspca and others tomorrow, he is obviously well looked after and will surely be missed hopefully they will have information
  4. found in the sydnham area is now with a friend while we try to find its owner, this little chap is quite tame will sit on your hand and loves to have its head scrached it also mimics a phone someone somewhere must be missing him.
  5. he is an aviary bird, he is very timid to and with having four children in the house i think it would just be to stressfull for him. the thing is he has always had company when i got him the chap had four of them sold to him as breeding pairs but turned out they were all males. I know i need to get this sorted as soon as possible, i have been looking around the internet for a female but i havnt found any. i sort of feel as though i am shutting the door on chelsea aswell then, stupid as it may sound. the chap that apparently has a parrot in his back garden never came forward i'm wondering if in fact he was just lying and was trying to find out if it was worth looking for, well thats what i am hoping. i left more leaflets around local to where the chap was seen with reward put on it so im guessing he would of been in contact by now. i sent emails to john hayward so chelsea should be on his the list, the police , rspca and also the secret world rescue centre have all got details to but i must be honest i dont think she is still flying around out there she was just to noisey not to be noticed. the first sightings of her were only because of the noise she was making. i just hope she is safe where ever she is.
  6. Its nearly been two months now since chelsea escaped and although i still hold out some hope of finding her i have a lonely male sat out in the aviary all alone.He seems so sad he never makes any noise i'm not sure what to do for the best. should i be thinking of buying another female for him or should i seriously think about selling him?? i just dont know. if i buy another friend for him and eventually end up finding chelsea i will then have to find another friend for her. i hate to think of him out there feeling sad and alone like i said before he makes no noise at all not any time of day, chelsea is very vocal and we always heard her squaking away. i just need to do what is best for him right now. Edited by moderator to add link to Chelsea's Lost and Found thread https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=436105
  7. thankyou for all your caring comments,chelsea does not have any id ring this is going to be a major problem if i do find out who has her. as of yet i have had no calls,i'm going to contact john hayward and see if he can help. its awful thinking of her sat in a cage in someones garden alone and today we have had bad thunder storms which i'm sure will have frightened her. i will pay him if i really have to because i just want her home. i think i'm going to contact the police just to ask them where i would stand if i do end up finding her. fingers crossed the bloke makes a call
  8. i've had some news today, a friend of mine contacted me saying a chap that was at our local shop mentioned the parrot posters that have been put up,he said to my friend do you know if there is a reward and said that he had one of these parrots in a cage in his garden he was also asking how much the bird is worth, my friend not knowing much abouut the price said something ridiculous like it was worth between £700 or £800. the chap wouldnt give out ant details and we dont know where he lives, it has made me quite angry that he is obviously keeping the bird in hope of making money from her, i'm really at a loss of knowing what to do. i have took another poster round to the shop and put reward on it in hope that this may tempt him into contacting me, but i think it would be wrong to pay him to have my own bird returned to me although i will do this if i have to. if i find out where he lives do you think i'm within my rights to take the bird and contact the police, i wouldnt mind giving a reward to someone that is generally trying to help but he obviously doesnt want to help just wants money for a bird that doesnt belong to him.i'm just praying now that he will ring :?
  9. its over a month now since chelsea escaped, no sightings of her at all i must say my hopes are fading fast not its just been to long. now i have the problem of her new pal that i got for her as company, just 3 weeks before she went missing. he seems very lonely nd makes no noises now whatsoever. he is not tame so has no interest in me, he just seems so sad bless him :cry:
  10. looks like a scam to me too, gave it away by the talk of paypal :twisted:
  11. i have a friend who's grey attacks his own feet they have been bck and fourth to vets, they seem to think that it is a behavior thing. the vets said it could have started because of the loss of their dog which happened around the same time as he started doing this, he now has to wear a sheild around his neck to stop him doing it, this has been going on for nearly 2 yrs now.i feel for my friend and her bird as she is devastated as he seems depressed and is just not the same anymore, to think he could of lost his foot if he was left unseen
  12. yes deffinetly, the not knowing is most upsetting me and as time goes on i can only fear the worst
  13. still no sign of her will be two wks on sun, with no sightings for 11 days :-(
  14. mr jingles previous owner sadly passed away on sunday morning , he was a very special man and will be missed by many. RIP BILL.xxx
  15. i also rang secret world today and have given them my details. i was given chelsea a few months ago as her owner was terminally ill and could no longer care for her. she is a lovely character although she hates human contact. her pevious owner sadly died at 4 am sunday morn i was sat up all that night waiting for first light to go out and search for her i feel so guilty and feel like i have let him down. i just pray that i find her
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