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  1. Hi yes i have an african grey as well he is called charlie and his about 3-4 and chats away. He can sing as well. So i am surprised that bobbie does not copy. But then it's only been a week since i have had him. ALthough he does seem to have settled in you can stroke him and he loves you to talk to him.
  2. Bobby looks just the same as yours. Could you tell me how long before he talks.
  3. Hi all, it has been months since i was last on here. I first arrived at this point with charlie the african grey. Since then (well just a few days ago) i have got bobby an amazon. He was sold to me with his new feathers just apearing. At the moment he is green backed with grey feathers on his chest where some are turning green. He is 8 years old and a real little darling. He is not aggresive and really all he does is scream. I would like to know what sort he is really. He has a black beak with blue above his eyes and yellow on top of his head. His flight feathers are blue and green. I have looked up on the net and wondered if he could be a blue fronted amazon. He has not spoken yet and all i've heard him do is one little whistle. I have read that the blue fronted amazon's are good speakers, and just wondered if maybe he still needs to settle in although he seems to have done that. He comes out of his cage all the time. Any info on this would help
  4. I have just given one of these away charlie hated it. but the person who had it said it was ideal as he rescures parrots and he can use it as a double cage. i brought it from the same person on ebay. it was fantastic and very big. charlie is so funny he does not like anything new and he sulked all night in it. they are worth the money as well
  5. As a newbee of owing an afican grey i am always asking questions. So now Charlie is shaking his head like his got a twich. I have noticed him doing this the last 2 days. He is eating and speaking, coming out of his cage no problems that i can see. Wondered will i ever stop worrying that there is somthing wrong with Charlie. I know i should get him checked up, but having trouble finding a vet who knows about birds in the surrey area. Anyone live in this area and can tell me of a good vet.
  6. Hi Charlie is 2 1/2--3years old. It was only two but got a bit worried
  7. As u all know i am a newbee who has just aquited an african grey called Charlie and he has just lost some red tail feathers is this normal. Maybe i am just being silly but with have only had charlie for a week and we love him so much that i am worried that this is not normal.
  8. Thank you for the site i have read some real good information from there. Charlie went back into his cage last night on his own, well after i put a chicken bone in there as i had read that they like to gnaw on one for their beaks. His still a bit quite other than taking to growling at me. Not sure why but i just tell him no.
  9. Thanks but i know it will hurt he has already drawn blood from my husband. But i will keep trying
  10. Just talking to charlie softly and put one finger on top of cage not near him and he went to bite me. Is this normal. He is taking treats from me ok from the top of his cage and then after he went to bite me.
  11. thanks any help would be good. as i do not want to upset charlie anymore
  12. Well at moment he is out of his cage. He is a bit quite (perhaps waiting for the time to go back in) I am trying to teach him to step up but he is so unsure that he backs away. But i will still trying. Thanks Sue
  13. Thanks we will try this. Must admit would never have thought of this. Thanks Sue
  14. I have not long had charley and we thought we would let him out of his cage a few days or having him. He is not hand tamed and we had a real ding dong getting him back in. Since then he has not spoken as much is quitier than he was before we let him out. He shakes sometimes as though he is shivering. He let's us stroke him now and again but is quite peckie towards me not towards my husband. We want to let him out but are worried that we will have the same trouble getting him back in. We did try treats to get him to go back in but they did not work. I do not want to upset charlie anymore than i have to but would it be bad to not let him out even though he wants to. Any advice would be a great help.
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