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  1. no the ones that have fallen out are red they are 10 month old
  2. they are on prestige premium parrot with jr wellness and there daily fruit and veg
  3. pacso my cag tail feathers are coming through partly black and im worried is this normal [/img]
  4. The breeder i got my two cags from (one he still has as she stopped eating)had an attempted break in last week luckily they were in as it was at 2.30am and they ran of but the police were called and he has put extra security in place
  5. i have started turning heating of at night but they are not covered as yet as there cage is 6ft x 6ft 3inches so trying to find something suitable
  6. pacso has the treat cage and some foot toys but i love the chunky hanging toy,i have ordered some more bits of yvonne so will add this,he has destroyed some of the toys already and chewed the end of his perch
  7. i have a large bag of food which they were fed on at breeders i know they had fresh fruit and veg every day as well and vitamins just wondered whether they could eat same veg as us etc
  8. Hi what type of fruit and veg do you buy for african greys and do you buy seperate for them to the family,how often do i need to buy will it keep in fridge or freezer,do i need to chop or give whole and do i give raw or cooked (sorry for all questions just that we doing big shop and need to get everything in)also do i put the vitamin supplement (powder) in there water or on there food. when is best time to give fruit and veg do i put in same bowl do i take seed out when putting fruit and veg in how long to leave in cage for would love to know your routines upto now i change the papers morning and night and clean any poop food of grills,hoover around the cage although pacso tends to chuck food at me on purpose when i do this little tinker,i spray him every morning and change his seed,his water his changed quite often as he perches on it and tends to end up full of seed
  9. thats who i was gonna buy a birdy twin cage from and he told me same thing but we wanted best for the african greys so paid 3 times what he was asking for a montana for piece of mind,although he has been recommended on this site awhile back
  10. hi sorry thats not a montana new jersey we ordered a montana jersey but had to change as wasnt going to be big enough for our 2 cags and it was different to the one you have put link for
  11. i dont need to worry about them been safe they are all from yvonne lol,and will always be supervised when playing
  12. i may need another one yet willl see how they get on with it when home,i have also got a playstand should i put different toys on that or simular to whats in cage ie i have bought an indestructible bell for cage should i get one for the playstand to or should i put the stainless steel bell on playstand that i have just ordered
  13. hi i have bought the steel cage and the bagel swing for my 2 when they come home there cage is coming monday or tuesday and kizzie and pacso coming home on the friday
  14. looks **** in in for some fun with my 2 when they come home lol
  15. i am safe there then as dont have a dining table thats why bought them a playstand
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