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  1. awww hes a little stunner hun. best of luck with him you become addicted, they just have that affect on people lol. ((((Hugs))))))) joss
  2. http://www.birdcare.com.au/conures.htm this one seemed to have some gd info too hope it helps
  3. i dont blame you i would be too lol. it really must be so exciting.
  4. this site looks good. it says they normally start to sit after the second egg, and as answers to some of the quesitons you have asked. hope it helps but i will keep looking encase there is a better site ((((hugs)))) joss http://www.pricelessparrots.com/breeding-conures.htm
  5. i have some spare time so i will see if i can find any good info on this for you hun.
  6. awww im glad i started this threat its lovely to hear what other peoples birds say i remember what that was like catscharm when we first got our alfie as he already knew some stuff and was always surprising us he still does acctually as he is always picking up new things. dan is trying to teach him the indiana jones theme tune just when he is on his perch and his food bowl is on the desk because although alfie can fly he prefers to hop from his perch to the desk, then hop onto the back of the desk chair and from their hop back to his perch so as he is hoping around dan always does the indiana theme tune in the hope alfie will pick it up. lol im hoping he doesnt because his barking bad enough lol without him doing that everytime he is hopping around and knowing alf even when he isnt lol.
  7. they sound great i dont have to worry to much as i have too happy hoovers called harley and hooch who love to clean up after alfie. but glad you found the solution to your problem hun
  8. oh i bet someone out there is worried sick. lets hope they find its owners soon poor thing.
  9. thats amazing. i think most of what alf pick up is thing hubby says to me and i say to hubby lol thats where the sweetpea comes from the hubby lol. people always laugh when i say alfie is one of my best friends but it true he really is. its only those who get to know him that understand why lol.
  10. oh im not sure then if you have him out a lot then i guess he must just be an attention seeker lol. hope its a phase and maybe ignoring him when he does it will make him change his mind, alfie can be quite noisy but it doesnt really bother me and dan its just part of his character. he love to bark like our jack and does that all the time weather in or out of his cage. it doenst faze me but i know some people find it hard when they are noisy. sounds like you do a great job with him though. best of luck.
  11. this morning got up and headed for the loo as i do most mornings on the way i pass by alfie here is the convosation we had. ALFIE: Hello Me: Hello alf. ALFIE: Love you ME: love you too alf. ALFIE: what you doing? Me: going toilet AlFIE: Ok sweetpea and off i go to the loo now this fully looks like alf fully understands the things he is saying and i was sat there maverling at this when alf had to go and spoil it. with several repititions of bianca off eastenders version of RICKY!!!! :roll: lol he is now sat on my shoulder barking because there is a dog barking on the tv. does anyone else have convosations like this with there birds?
  12. oh he is beautiful. he has an adorable face. bless him. love the jack too lol. am a big fan of jacks though lol.
  13. oh your dogs are beautiful and your pups stunners. i bet you are so proud.
  14. oh bless her, she sounds like an amazing bird, dont worry hun i would have laughed too. lol.
  15. i have never really smelt alfie before lol, although i know what i am going to be doing later now lol. i let you
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