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  1. The hat does work last week hubby come in and i was sat in lounge wearing a woolley hat and scarf as buddy was allso trying to bite a mole off my neck
  2. Hi,i am hoping someone can give me some advice on buddy my quaker.he around 15 months old and for some reason for the last to weeks he has turn into mr evil :shock: We have dogs (we never leave dogs alone with buddy)and buddy is in the lounge and my poor dogs will be sleeping on the sofa and he keeps trying to attack them and even if they move to the floor he flies down to get them this isnt good :cry: buddy is out allday and evening unless i have to pop out he has lots of toys and i do play with him in the day and he is nice most ot the time then he will suddenly try and bite me .But the worst thing is he used to love my hubby more then me but now he flies at him and try s to attack him all the time and its not nice when hubby has been a work allday and then can not relax in lounge because ot buddy.We do put him in his cage for a bit when he does this hoping he will learn .Any other advice i would be greatfull as at the mo buddy is running the house. :shock: thanks lisax
  3. Hil all ,It was early morning and being half asleep i let buddy out of his cage went into my conservartory and left frontroom door open and backdoor was wideopen so buddy flies straight to backdoor but lucky i had read somewhere that if you put a beaded curtain up that birds wont fly through it and it worked he just clung to it so it did save me loseing buddy.I dont know if it would have the same affect for larger parrots buddy is a quaker . lisax
  4. Hi hope this is allright posting in this section,I thought i would share this idea i brought a hamster/rat nest it cost me £3 pounds its round with several holes to get in side it i then brought a 49p dog choke chain and threaded throw one of the holes then attached one of buddys toys to it so i could hang it up. http://s268.photobucket.com/albums/jj15/lisa-minimad/?action=view&current=clubstand001.jpg above is what it looked like when i first got it. http://s268.photobucket.com/albums/jj15/lisa-minimad/?action=view&current=allsorts052.jpg Thats whats left of it but this has taken three weeks to do that but he really loves it the other good thing is when it is whole there is a bottom to it so i was puting food inside and paper for him to play with. and find.
  5. My quaker buddy was not hand reared and we have to play catch the bird game to put him away :roll: he does go back in the cage but he is not silly he will eat his food and keep an eye on me aswell so us soon us i get up off my chair to shut the door he is out again very clever lisax
  6. hi my name is lisa,I have owned my quaker parrot buddy for just over a month he was born in 2008.He is not hand tame and does not like you to go in his cage but he gets alot of time out of his cage but have to catch him to but him away but he does think this is a game he will land on floor when he wants to and lets me pick him up and he doesnt bite me. He has just started talking he can say hello,what you doing and wolf whistle
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