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  1. i can only keep 6 pairs of birds at any given time because of my set up,i have a 15x 12 summerhouse fitted with large cages with swing feeders i have a small garden so no room for aviaries,i know people are against cage breeding but thats the best i can do for my birds,i can sit and watch them and study them,they can also study me lol,thats how i learn about my birds from watching them..not from a book,also when i go in my bird room i know if there not well or something is up by there particular personalities,if you have aviaries all over the place you cant study and watch your pairs and it could be to late to save them if there ill...by the way the site update is great....ta tim
  2. i think it depends on the keeper,if you find it a chore and hard work to look after your birds then i would say you have to many,if you are comfortable and have time to care for them ie cleaning ,feeding etc and you find it easy then thats fine.
  3. hi all. i dont pretend to now whats going on and i dont much care,this is a parrot forum for people to share knowledge about these lovely birds we keep and to buy and sell our birds...now can you imagine new bird keepers joining this forum and seeing post of people bad mouthing one another,,not good.air your dirty linen in private and lets keep the forum for the birds...cheers tim
  4. many thanks rubytoo,i live by robinswood hill in gloucester and if i can find them free food i will lol
  5. thanks mike k,are there any flowers that are toxic to them?
  6. thanks for the advice mike k,they seem happy ,bright,active and inquisitive so they must be happy with their diet,could i hang some flowers in there spacious cage and what wild flowers could i use,thanks tim
  7. hi all ,i have one pair of swainsons lorikeets and would like to know how other keepers keep there birds,ie, how thick do you do there wet mix,and how much,also how much fruit and veg a day,also is one sprig of millet spray ok for there digestive system.thanks tim
  8. avaries or indoor bird rooms to keep your birds ,pros and cons ...tim
  9. hi all,i live by robinswood hill,so when i take the dog out for his daily run i generally come back with half a tree.
  10. hi all,ill kick off as i started it,how do you know what to ask for your birds when selling them?there are so many birds at different prices and the same species ie,h/r greys from £550 to £695 and this goes for pairs of birds ,seems there is no control on prices,whats peoples thoughts...tim
  11. bird prices,ie same species very different prices.
  12. hi all you can get proper clippers that are so easy to use,they are like a small pliers with a circular gap,like dog clippers and when your bird is on the inside of the cage you can clipp their nails when their hanging on the bars that way with out having to pick them up or wrap in a towel,less stressful for owner and parrot lol,plus if you have to wrap the bird up etc they could be put off.of you by these sessions of clipping when needed....tim
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