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  1. Thank you We've been collecting dropping samples over the last 3 days, which they're sendingoff for tests today, results should come back next week....then if it's not and Oddie's still got the problem I'll take her in and ask them to check the sinuses
  2. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise me. One of our cockateils suddenly had dark brown stains on her feathers round her nose. No obvious signs of discharge from the nostrels, and I couldnt tell if it was wet or not. It seems to be clearing up now, and throughout she's been eating, drinking and behaving normally. We took her to our local vet who checked her heart rate...which was fast but then that was probably to be expected, as she was trying to bite the vet at the time and sqwarking her head off. Our vet has spoken to a colleague who's an "exotic vet", she says our bird might be a carrier of Psittichosis. Ive looked on various websites and other than the staining round the nose our bird hasnt got any of the other symptoms. We're having a test done this weekend/early next week. But if isn't Psittichosis any ideas what it could be. She has a cage mate who isnt showning any signs of illness, and we have another 2 cages in the same room which have our budgies in them - is this contagious across all of them? Thanks in advance of any help you can offer
  3. Hi evryone, I am coming to the end of my teather, any advice or ideas would be greatfully appreciated. I have a four year old Green Wing Macaw and she is now at the stage where when i cme in from work she imediately starts rattling her cage and screeching to come out o fher cage. She has lots of toys and the telly on all day. If i am home all day she doesn't do this until it would normally be time for me to come home. Also if she is out and me and my partner leave the room she screeches. We have tried leacing her in her cage until she is quiet and then letting her out. Ignoring her screeching and cage rattling and also talking softly but to no avail. We also tried letting her out as soon as we get in but that doesn't work either. The problem is i am pregnant and am worried that my baby won't be able to sleep because of her constant screeching Any advice on how we can rectify the situation would be muchly ppreciated Angm
  4. Thats awful. I can't believe how quick they squirt it down. For me Hand rearing is an interesting time and it's a pleasure watching your bird as you feed it, its all part of the hand rearing process. That just looks like they want to get the food down it as quick as possible and put it back
  5. Hi everyone, Thought i would update with news: - I had a PM done yesterday on my parrot. Because we had frozen him it wasn't possible to get any viral information. Other than that there was no cause of death and he was in really good condition - which at least means we hadn't done anything wrong and we treat our birds ok. It has been three days now and my other birds are all fine. Cheers for you support guys Angm
  6. Thanks guys, People who don't have parrots don't seem to really understand how sad it is. It's nice to share with people and receive support. I hope it was a coincidence. The only thing that is a slight comfort to me right now is that i know that me and my partner did everything we could. I will update with any news as i get it angm xxxx
  7. Two weeks ago one of our St Thomas conures was taken by a weasel. This left his friend lonely and he was abit down. I trawled the internet and managed to find one in Norfolk. so on the Saturday morning we went and the bird seemed fine so we bought him back for our lonely little fella. They got on really well and then on Saturday the littl'n started to look a bit quiet. Not wanting to upset it we decided to keep an eye on him as he was eating and having a bit of a preen. Yestaerday he wasn't looknig well at all and had deteriorated so we brung him in and tried to get get soome fluids down him. He was that weak that he wouldn't survive a trip to the vets so we tried to get his strength up. We had to go out and when we got back an hour and a half later he had passed on. This was very sad for him and my lonely fella who had really perked up. This makes a day bad enough but at 5:00 one of my Pet aviary birds was not very well at all. The emergency surgery had just opened so we rushed him down. He had some antibiotics and anti inflamatories and we brung him home. He was not very well and we knew we had to get fluid down him so we started all over again with Ozzy. Trying to syringe fluid down him and cuddling him to keep him warm. Unfortuantely at 8:45 last night he lost his little struggle and died peacefully in our arms. It was one of the saddest things i've ever experienced. He was such a sweetie and made me smile so much when i went down to the aviaries. In the space of a day i have lost two friends and i am now so scared that it is something contagioous to my other birds. For the first time it seemed like everything was against me and i could do nothing We are having a post mortem done today before he is burried to try and establish what was the cause. Why is life so cruel. It was one of the saddest days of my life Angm
  8. Hi, We use the same as our parrots and they do very well. Kaytee and also Seapets (if there is one near you) do a good one. be sure to keep the baby warm if you have no food available as it will save the baby using up valuable energy. Good Luck Angm
  9. After giving our quail two weeks longer in life i am upset to report that we lost her on Friday. She was fine in the morning but by the evening she had flown up to our family cloud in heaven. It was so upsetting but i am glad she is not suffering. Because she was doing so well it came as a bit of a shock. Angm
  10. I spoke to the Vet yesterday. They said there wasn't much that could done so i have put her on her own, kept her warm. Been feeding all her favorite treats and also sugary water. I also floured her bottom to try and stop the bleeding after using iodine to clean the wound and then pushed it back in and held it with an ice pack for a while. It was touch and go last night but she made it and it is still inside her :-) She also looks 10 times better and much more comfortable. My vet had said if it was a prolapse to put her out of her misery but i am glad i didn't now. I have checked her bottom today and there is no discharge and looks really clean. She is pooing aswell :-) Thanks for your help peeps Angm
  11. Yeah i hope so. Not the most pleasent thing i've ever done!!
  12. Have spoke to the Vet - couldn't advise much really. Have managed to push it back in and now seems to have stopped bleeding. She is now tucked up wamr with sugary water and some treats and i hope she makes it Angm
  13. Yes we are. I am just so worried about her
  14. PLease can anyone give any advice. I have jsut gone to feed my Japanese quails and one of them is bleeding from her vent. I picked her up to investigate and she has some lumps around her vent and it is bleeding quite badly. Angm
  15. Hi everyone, I am starting to have a problem with rats not in the aviaries but bing attracted by their food. I am trying to think of the best way to erradicate them and thought about the plug in detterants that let of a sound. My only problem is that i don't know if it will upset the birds. Has anyone any experience of the plug in ones or do they know if they will affect my parrots Angm
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