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  1. Harry sounds like a right handful!, how long have you had him Yvonne and how old was he when he first started to get like that?, Pico at the minute has never bitten anyone (Properley), he gets excited and scared sometimes but he always does a nash rather than bite. I am aware that he is GOING TO bite sooner or later, but I would like to try and minimise this. thanks JR
  2. Thanks Yvonne, Pico definitely is having fun with the foot toys, I am glad you mentioned actually as I don't think I would of thought of the bowl trick. Please freel free to use any pics you fancy, I am honoured I could E-mail you them if you want as photobucket reduces the quality big time Man 16 seems quite a while to wait for the behaviour to settle :shock: Your right about the fear part, Pico has an absolute lend of my missus , she tries to make out she isn't scared but one feel from pico's beak and her hand withdraws as if it were flames Pico has her sussed out for definite
  3. I am well chuffed with those pics, my camera is just a plain old fuji finepix 6 M pixel, I must admit it always takes me lots of snaps playing with the macro etc. well worth the effort Pico is 8 months old now, I was reading last night on how adored babies can turn into monsters after their first moult and how this period can last ages!!!, talk about trying to ruin my day! Is there anything that can be done to try and prevent this
  4. Charliew and Chi are lovely, I particularly like Chi's colours, very nice
  5. And finally a cracking pic, I just found the 1 Meg upload on photobucket, it took an age to upload but the pics are better quality, but this thread takes longer to load, whats the verdict is it worth saving pics at 1 Meg? Till next time
  6. Here he is chilling like a villain!
  7. On the chair with his foot toy, Yvonne he loves it
  8. Here he is on the floor he sussed out the stacker in two seconds, it looks mint watching him lift it off, pictures just dont capture that
  9. Here they are Yvonne the ones from last night, I tried to get more tonight but he just wouldn't sit still Heres a rubbish pic of the bowl
  10. Thanks Kerry its unbelievable how much stuff they can chew its constant I had a look through your pics and the two birds look really happy together, I used to have a tiel as a kid, I have a soft spot for them.
  11. Thanks Yvonne I will get some pics later he proper loves them, Pico is young like you say, thanks for the advice
  12. Thanks AB, your bird looks like a good one too sennies are amazing, I tried him last night with a bowl and he got all cranky it was really funny he raised the feathers on his head!!!, he must of thought I was taking it away or something. I got a couple of pics I will try and upload them later.
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