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  1. Lol they are so cute. I recently bought a green cheek from gary, her name is Ruby and i love her dearly i can't believe how clever they are
  2. Awww i really hope this has a happy ending. Does anybody have an update?
  3. Heres me last summer. the pics are lovely of all of you. And Gary i have to agree about your son
  4. I never liked Jade in the big brother house but feel from watching her documentary she has grown on me i feel devastated for her poor boys. I lost my dad to cancer when i was an adult and its devastating must be even more so when yor a child. My son is the same age as hers you just can't imagine it
  5. Hi i'm fairly new too but agree with you its a great site with lots of information. I will be getting a baby green cheeked Conure from Gary and his family in a few weeks i'm so excited
  6. What a sad story what a shame that some animals have to suffer at the hands of ignorant humans
  7. I use easibed now in my birdroom it does smell lovely. but before i used that paper was used. My quails prefer kicking around in the easibed though
  8. Lol what a flexible girl think my hip would pop out of joint if i did that
  9. Me and my kids got a wii and the wii fit for xmas they are both fab and great entertainment, in fact we have wii nights with relatives and both kids and adults have a great time
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