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  1. TeriC

    Hot Feet

    Interesting bit of information, looks as though I was worrying over nothing then
  2. TeriC

    Hot Feet

    Oh, so now you know what I'm going to be doing for the next couple of days - recording it :wink: what have I started I really wondered whether her feet being so hot was an indication to the rest of her, if it was a sign she had a temperature or something, although as I said before she's perfectly fine in every other way, me just being a worry-puss
  3. TeriC

    Hot Feet

    no problems with her in that department
  4. Really, really stupid question I know but Gomez seems to have overly warm feet today, I'm usually moaning as her feet are cold (not good when walking round your neck ) is it anything to be worrying about? she's perfectly normal in other aspects, eating/drinking/getting up to mischeif
  5. All I can hear is the sounds of his wings as he's flapping them around
  6. What on earth are some people thinking of? just plain stupid!
  7. Northern Parrots, they come in 4 different sizes.
  8. Just had a nosy and they are Swedish, but its still a horrible thing to do to a bird
  9. No, its I think its probably plaited straw or something similiar, she loves it Just had a look on the web-site its actually plaited palm-leaves
  10. Maybe Jess just likes to be different Gomez loves chewing up pine etc she makes matches out of Yvonnes lovely toys, yet on the other hand Amy won't touch them! she has a box of lovely foot toys(bought from Yvonne) and they look just like new, she'll chuck them all over the place but thats about it, I found she loves the shredding type toys, I bought one of these: and she's slowly getting through it, very often she's 'cuddling' it I guess it just takes a little time to find the right toys for your birds.
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/42-tons-of-poison-to-purge-island-of-rats-1866136.html
  12. I know some people are for clipping but personally I feel birds are meant to fly and I'd never do that to mine even though the person we got Gomez from offered to do it, it had simply never entered our mind to do that to a bird and why would we want to?
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