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  1. Merlin had his name when he came to us. We thought about changing it, but couldn't think of anything and it suited him anyway. Kiwi we named - we were trying to think of names that could be male of female, and she (or he! Lol) is a similar colour to kiwis. It confuses my boys if I ask them if they would like a kiwi to eat though!
  2. Thanks for your reply Greg. Merlin was parent reared, although I do understand that without another african grey here he could bond to one of us more. The shock is more because he has never shown any aggression to my OH before, and earlier in the night was trying to get him to scratch him. Last night also went well with OH managing to scratch him again. We are quite lucky as Merlin isn't (or wasn't) really a one person bird and will go up to pretty much anyone for a scratch, although he does have his favourites of course
  3. Thanks for the replies. Both me and OH had been in the same place for a while, both sat on the sofa. I had been playing with Merlin before I lay him on his back, but as he was so calm while I was tickling him Im not sure if he was excited. It was a full proper attack too! Im now a bit worried as Merlin doesnt like my youngest child, which is something I have been working on for a while and he seems to be getting better, but if I have them out together and Merlin knows he can do flying attacks I am worried he will start going after Lewis. OH is big enough to run off and protect himself if need be, Lewis isn't. At the moment if Merlin is out with me, OH now keeps out of the way, but I am going to see if I can get them both in the same room tonight to see how things go
  4. Hi. Well I have had Merlin for almost a year now. A couple of nights ago I managed to pluck up the courage to try to lie him on his back in my arms (his last owner did this with him) and he let me He lay there for about 5 mins perfectly relaxed letting me tickle his tummy, and I loved every second! Then out of nowhere he got up and decided to attack OH!!! OH jumped up trying to get away and Merlin flew after him trying to attack him! He managed to draw some blood, although Im not sure if it was with his beak as it looked more like a scratch, before I managed to get him and take him out the way to calm down. Now OH doesn't like him being anywhere near him It was very unexpected as Merlin is always trying to go over to sit on OH, and has never shown any aggresion to him before, infact he liked OH more when he first came home! I have warned OH that this might happen as he doesn't do much with him besides the occasional scratch and talking to him. On the plus side though - Merlins flying has improved greatly since his 7yr clip has grown out!
  5. Hi. I havent posted for a while, although I have been lurking. I have had Merlin, CAG, for almost a year now. We have had some ups and downs, but overall I think he has settled in with us quite well. He always seemed to have more of an interest in men which has created a slight problem as OH doesnt really want anything to do with him besides the odd head scratch. Merlin is really good with me now, and only ever tries to bite when Im putting him away or I keep moving him away from something he wants but shouldnt have. With his previous owner (of 7 yrs) he was clipped and she used to take him outside and to pet shops and things with her. I have let his clip grow out and have been trying to touch him so that I can get a harness on him (head, lifting up wings, etc) this was going ok, but we seem to have ran into a problem. He keeps regurgitating for me and it is getting to the point where I cant seem to do anything with him as all he wants to do is feed me! I know it shows he likes me, but most of the time now he wont even let me give him a head scratch, he just moves away and comes back to feed me some more! How can I try to stop him doing it so much?
  6. I started with Kiwi, an indian ringneck. I decided I would like another bird and now have Merlin, an african grey. I have had Merlin for almost a year now, but cannot let them out at the same time. Kiwi likes Melrin, but he hates her! He is ok if she is in her cage, but if she is out he fluffs up huge and tries to get her as she flies past! So they can only come out at seperate times, which can be hard some days when I have a dog and 2 young children aswell, but I manage Also the noise is ALOT more! Kiwi was always reasonably quiet before, but now she will shout and scream alot more if Merlin goes out of sight, which he does as they are out at seperate times. If you are having problems with your bird please don't think that getting another will solve them, it might, but it could also make them worse. Good luck with whatever you decide though
  7. I phoned this man when I wanted to buy an indian ringneck. He was very rude and pushy on the phone which I didn't like so I never went to see any of his birds. Thank god I didn't! I have noticed alot of his adverts up for hand reared babies, but most of the pictures are of adult ringnecks. i am glad you have managed to give her a good home though, she looks very well cared for
  8. Hi. I would also love a green wing macaw. It is my dream bird and has been for as long as I can remember. I have researched for years and am dying to get one, however, I have two young children (4 yrs and 7 months at the moment) so me and my partner have decided not to get one untill they are alot older (min of 10 and 7 yr), which means a few more years of research for me! :roll: I have recently re homed an african grey, and the bites from him can hurt so I will not even risk a greenwing in the house with such young chilren. Every bird will bite at some point, would you risk your children being on the recieving end of that bite?
  9. How would I go about changing his affections from a person to a toy or something? I don't mind him having something, but as I said I dont wan it to be a person. Also if I use a toy, do I leave it in his cage? Will he want to come out and leave his "mate" behind? Sorry for the silly questions I don't want to get it wrong and make him worse.
  10. Greg - Merlin was parent reared, not hand reared. We have told Russell to ingore Merlin if he starts, which he did last night as soon as Russell walked in. Then when Russell left Merlin was calling for him, so I walked him round the house to show him he'd gone and then he was fine. Tonight Russell came in and Merlin hasn't bothered with him at all. He still hasn't spoke to him tonight, I think he's going to leave it for now, and speak to him in a few days, hopefully Merlin won't start again.
  11. As you know I've Merlin since saturday night. My brother, Russell, came round sunday night to see Merlin, and Merlin took to him straight away. I know this can happen, and I'm not too fussed about it, my other bird Kiwi always goes to see Russell aswell. Anyway, he came round again last night and Merlin climbed onto him and started doing the mating dance (wings slightly spread, fluttering and making a funny noise) I've seen a video clip so I knew straight away what he was doing. We got Merlin off and put him on the playstand. This isn't something we want ot encourage as Russell does come here quite alot, and he will bring his baby and girlfriend aswell so we don't want Merlin to start seeing them - or any of us - as a threat to him. How do we stop him, or discourage it anyway?
  12. I thought I would put up a picture of merlin. I only took a couple last night, and I didn't want to annoy him so there not the best. Hopefully that worked, it's been a while! :? He wasn't in the best of moods yesterday. He wouldn't let me give him any scratches or step up. We wanted to go to tesco and had a battle trying to get him back in his cage. He wouldn't step up, and kept biting. I am still trying to train myself not to move when he lunges, but it is so hard so what I did is put a folded up towl up my sleeve (something i think I read on here once) and then after 15 mins of him biting my arm hard he gave in and stepped up. Then me and OH started giving him loads of praise and making a big fuss, then he went in his cage. When he was back in his cage he was alot more fussy, and even wanted me to tickle his tummy through the bars. He came out again a bit later and was sat on our laps having scratches and playing with some toys. When it was time to go back in he stepped up straight away and went in with no problems I am keeping the towl handy, incase he ever has a moment like that again, but hopefully it wont need to be used too often.
  13. :shock: When I see things like this it makes me quite glad we don't have a door downstairs! Well, not where the birds are anyway. A steel door would be good, but you know they will just find another way to keep an eye on everything, maybe going through the wall! :shock:
  14. lol, thank you, I should've know there would be a link somewhere :oops:
  15. I'm sorry, this is probably something you've been asked 1001 times. :oops: I was just hoping for some ideas of toys to make at home that don't cost a fortune for all the pieces. I have made a few things for Kiwi before, but her toys last her a long time, now I have Merlin and I know his toys wont last him as long so need lots of ideas. I'm not too good at DIY, although I will have a go, so simple ideas would be good Thank you.
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