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  1. im being a pest here i know folks, ive added a few more pic onto my photbucket now, if yous wouldn't mind having another wee look, got much better pics this time, daylight maskes a difference, thank you all so much for your help, it looks like an orange winged amazon then, (he has green wings tho), does that matter. im glad i found this site, you lot are so helpful and friendly. i now have 6 parrots and two rabbits, they are like my babies, im constantly occupied and happy nowadays ! i know i know im an idiot i forgot to add http://www.photobucket.com/gummsybhoy27
  2. YES I HAVE YET ANOTHER NEW ARRIVAL - my neighbours have started calling me gary the bird man of Livingston, i cant help myself though when i see ad's and its people really not interested, or people who need a loving home, my brain goes into overdrive and i fall in love with them immediately. one thing i need a little help with is finding out if my new arrival SKIPPER is a mealy amazon, the lady thought thats what he was who i rescued him from after looking through several breeds online im not sure, but photobucket will be updated with the new pictures afterwards and anyone that fancies a look and can give any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I thought i would have had a little problem with introducing Toby to Skipper, with Toby living with me longest and being dominant, he thinks he can tell the celestials to shoosht lol, but once Skipper decided to adventure out his new cage he slowly made his way up to Toby and they are the best of friends, im so happy, any hows heres my wee weekly diary update, ill be back next week to either bore you or interest you, at least im extremely happy :D:D http://www.photobucket.com/gummsybhoy27
  3. hi folks just thought id come on to let you see the new additions to my family another two cellestials, that my son appropriately name mr krabbs and pearl lol http://www.photobucket.com/gummsybhoy27 cheers
  4. hi there, im just wondering if i am keeping my parrots nice clean and healthy, i give there cages a clean down every day, fresh food and fresh watcer every day, and every monday wednesday and friday i totally gut out there cages with special bird dissinfectant, i got told i was cleaning and feeding too much, but i feel i am taking very good care of them, me for example i wouldn't want to live in a dirty house and drink two- three day old water and eat 2-3 old days food
  5. Asdain Livingston are doing a large bag of monkey nuts just now for 59p and i got 20 sticks of millet spray from pets at home for £1.40 - if thats any good ?
  6. thats definately some extra love and hugs you get now :)
  7. hello from another fellow newbie, fantastic site mate once you get into it, you wont be able to leave addiction can be a good thing lol
  8. Hello and welcome, im just a newbie on here too, you'll soon find out though that you won't be able to leave the site, not a bad thing tho, enjoy Gary
  9. thats really gets on my nerves that, a bird like that needs love care and attention, to be shown that someone does care for it, and the fact these shops put price tags like that on them is a disgrace, thats why i prefer private breeders, at least you know the birds are not stuck in some cage for hours on end, alone most of the time
  10. saw this post and had to come and read to see if my eyes were deceiving me or not, im sorry but i laughed a little at that, i would not really like to taste parrot poo, i have a bit of a weak stomach, cleaning it up does not bother me in the slighest, having it on my body when he has a little accident , but tasting, oh nooooooooooooooooooo lol
  11. Toby will step up from anywhere he pleases, he sits quite happily on my hand, shoulder, knee (whilst watching soaps lol), he likes me gently wrapping my hand round his body and wings, like a wee cuddle, but i would never dream of trying to lift him any other way, i beleive the only way they should be lifted is by stepping up, toby loves having the choice, sometimes he just cant be bothered and turns his back on me, his way of saying give me some peace lol
  12. well after only having been browsing this site for a little while and then joining the last couple of days, im addicted, i could sit and read through the posts all day, there is a lot of helpful hints and tips one here, and an awful lot of friendly people, and i just had an excellent breakthrough today with Toby, my little conure muttered hello several times, something i didnt think would happen, but has , so i am an extremely happy chappy tonight
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