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  1. I use the dissolveable tabs as Freddie has said - I put one tablet in 2 litres of water (do have a few pigs)
  2. Hi Alison Welcome to the forum You are not far from me - am in Ashford Just going to have a look at your Grey
  3. I agree - we took our macaw to Trinity Vet Centre and the vet was brilliant, another few hours and Maxine would have been dead.
  4. Ohh wow, I cant believe how quickly they feather up - its amazing My friend is handrearing a greenwing macaw - hes 4 weeks old and absolutely huge, just getting his pin feathers now
  5. Her name is Maxine - she has to have 2 lots of tablets for 2 weeks possibly longer, depending on the results when they come back. On the way to the vets, I really thought she wasnt going to make it - her breathing was terrible. Youre right, they really are a worry. Hope Charlie likes her new cage, Im sure she will be fine, keep in touch.
  6. Aaawww cute babies - please update this thread, as would love to see the babies grow up.
  7. Glad to hear Charlie is home safe and sound We had to rush our new macaw (only had her 3 wks tomorrow) to the vets this morning with the same thing - the vet extracted a white discharge from her windpipe which was causing her to have noisy breathing. He has sent it off to the lab and will let me know the result. He thinks it is a fungal complaint, which was probably caused by her previous owner giving her monkey nuts which she loves. Since joining this forum, I dont give them to any of my parrots now. It was a very worrying time but am so glad she is home safe and sound. If we hadnt got her to the vet this morning, she would have been dead -the vet said 75% of her windpipe was blocked.
  8. Oh wow, they are beautiful, would just love a pair of those
  9. aaawww he sounds lovely, any pics of the lil guy Barbara
  10. Glad theyve caught the b*******s who did this - hope they find the rest of the birds - cant believe someone can do this to animals, makes my blood boil
  11. What a beautiful conure Kris.... congrats on the 2 chicks
  12. Thats lovely, you will enjoy your 'tiel, theyre brilliant, we have a couple and they talk, whistle, etc, fantastic little birds
  13. That cage is absolutely huge - Im not surprised it takes ages to find them - they are in parrot heaven
  14. Mine are cleaned daily - water and food.veg changed daily, big clean once a week
  15. My friend has lost a greencheeked conure cockbird near Canterbury, Kent, he is ringed, his mate is calling for him :cry:
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