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  1. lmao thats hilarious, love it
  2. Laptop screen and keyboard, ALWAYS. Or when he tries to fly, can't get enough height then lands on my bed... It's normally too late before i notice it out with the chisel
  3. Great pics I have a Canon 350D myself which is quite similar to the D80, great camera. Sam
  4. Hey. Just been looking at eBay, some very good cages at competitive prices. Currently don't have a penny to my name but as soon as I do have enough I will have a proper look for a new cage on eBay. Can always keep my current one as a spare in case I do get any other birds in the future Thanks Sam
  5. Thanks for all your helpful advise. I've got one of his fav toys hanging down from the ceiling now about 2 inches away from his cage door. With a bit of luck he'll poke his head out and have a play with it, and get used to being out a bit more. I've also stuck some millet on the side to see if food will tempt him out Thanks Sam
  6. If I had the choice I would much prefer an 'all bar' cage, but at the time the cage I have now was the biggest one I could afford on my budget. He has no problems getting to the doors, he's very agile in the cage He can easily get to anywhere in the cage within a few seconds (either crawling along the bars, flying or jumping across toys). I'm currently looking to buy a Cockatiel so I will require a new cage for it. With a bit of luck the 2 may get on quite well and may be able to live in a new cage together which is a bit more suited for them. Thanks again Sam
  7. Hi Louise. In my opinion his cage is big enough for him, apparently its suitable for up to 4 small birds (bit of a squeeze tho I think!) (sorry about the state of the cage, he's due a good proper clean tomorrow on my day off!. I also put the cage on top of my bed for a better picture, was a bit dark in the corner next to TV). He has a few other toys I take in and out to give him a bit of variation. He flaps his wings a lot especially when he's on the ladder as it must put him off balance, so he flaps like mad to try and stay still Sam
  8. Thanks for the reply Louise. Will it affect his health much being inside the cage 24/7? I must admit he is little chubby compared to some other budgies I've seen... but this isn't really any surprise seeing that he won't come out of his cage Thanks again Sam
  9. Hello all. A while ago I posted here asking for help on trying to get my budgie to come out of his cage. I've tried everything I can think of and he simply won't come anywhere near the door. I've tried putting his fav toys out of the cage, putting his food out of the cage, everything, but he wont step anywhere near the door of the cage :?. In the past he used to jump onto my finger and I could slowly move my hand out of the cage with him on the end and he'd sit wherever I put him in my bedroom. Now he won't get onto my finger, and won't allow me to pick him up. If I do try to pick him up he just starts to squeak (i don't know the technical term ) and grips onto the bars of the cage so he won't come out. Does anyone have any more advise on what I can do? Thanks Sam
  10. Hi. Do you mean 'dropping' your hand with the bird on the finger? Thats what I was doing with the budgie to try and get his wing strength back up (waste of time in the end, won't come out of his cage at all... can't even pick him up to bring him out as he just grips onto the bars on the cage with his feet ) Sam
  11. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I took his fav toys out and placed them just outside the cage to see if he'd come out, but so far he hasn't been interested. I also put a bit of millet on a plate next to the cage (in sight) to see if he's interested in popping out. I think I'll stick with what I'm doing and see if he gets bored in his cage and pops out. Sam
  12. Hi sue thanks for the reply. Had the door open for about 4 days solid now, hasn't even ventured anywhere near it! Will keep it open to see Sam
  13. Hello all. After a lot of chasing the bird around the room, flapping my arm up and down like an idiot he's finally got the hang of it! He can now successfully fly about 2 meters from my shelf onto the top of his cage without too much trouble. Every now and then he'll bump into something but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon. The only problem is he is very reluctant to come out of his cage. I've tried putting his food outside, toys outside, everything, but he won't come out of the cage. The only way I can get him out is by picking him up and taking him out then sitting him on top of the cage. Does anyone have any tips on trying to encourage him to come out a bit more? Thanks Sam
  14. http://www.tinypic.com Free and easy http://www.imageshack.us free not so easy. Catch me on MSN if you need anymore help Sam
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