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  1. Hotfoot, Which one is Tia ?. The little black one or the other one (which looks more Kelpie come to think of it ). Jack was a rescue dog too; somebody threw her over a wall into a closed yard and left her to die. When they found her she was so malnourished she couldn't stand up. It amazes me how cruel people can be towards animals. Sorry for the shock my name caused you !!!!
  2. Thought I'd share this painting of a sleeping dog . She died in the summer & is much missed: http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac309/fatwhippet/dog002.jpg[/img]
  3. It sounds as though some people want the NPS to close down. What would happen to the parrots then ?. You make the owner of the sanctuary sound like the devil incarnate, but surely he must have good intentions ?. It seems to me that people who breed parrots are the cause of all this mess. Sorry if that offends anyone . " too many parrots" is obviously the real problem here.
  4. Would like to echo Kleopatra; I'm willing to chip in if somebody wants to buy the bird and home it with the person from the Parrot Society.
  5. Just found this post & read all the comments. Deano, you need advice, but it seems that you haven't really explained the problem, apart from getting a noise complaint from a neighbour. There are so many experienced parrot owners on this forum, with masses of knowledge between them (I don't include myself !; I'm just a novice ), I'm sure if you just explained the situation (ie; when the bird makes a noise etc), you'd get lots of helpful tips. Nobody wants to see you give your cockatoo up.
  6. I agree with Joel. The tube is a complete nightmare, esp in the rush hour , guaranteed to shred the nerves of the calmest of people; lord knows how it would affect a parrot. Taxi's should be OK , though never taken a parrot in one myself !. Should warn you; if you do decide to go everywhere by taxi you may need to re-mortgage your house .............. I had to take a taxi from Golders Green to Wimbledon last week and it cost £50 !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Does anybody know of any Parrot Rescue Centres in (or very near to )London ?
  8. I'll say !. To give you an idea of what it's like; I'm sat at the computer wearing a fleece and a scarf and I'm still cold!!!!!!! Does anyone sell hand-reared penguins
  9. Thanks for your suggestions. Have heavy curtains & lots of draught excluders, will try perspex over a couple of windows. I even get draughts coming up from the floor !; some of the skirting boards have an inch gap under them ! lol. Maybe I should just move house !.
  10. I would very much like to get a parrot & have been reading up on them; bought lots of books, spent hours on the internet and one thing is stopping me. Draughts. I live in a big draughty house, every room has a draught !. I've read that there is nothing worse, for a parrot, than a draughty room !. Is this true ? What about ones who live outside ?, they must be in draughts all the time !. This is the one thing that's holding me back, should it be ?. :? :? :? Double glazing is out of the question and I could put perspex around 3 sides of the cage but I want my parro to spend a lot of it's time outside the cage !!! What should I do ?. I have not one draught free room. Help please all you expert owners!!!!(or at least put my mind at rest)
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