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  1. hi one of my amazons does the same head movement when he is out of his cage ,
  2. could be mothering him all the beaking preening and low wing trembling going off , but the amazon is totally starstruck and follows the grey where ever he is ,the arguing only happens if the grey is out and the amazons are in maybe i could get the amazons out first then the grey see if that helps they dont fight once there out of cage alltogether its hard knowing what to do for the best after all they have lived together 25yrs they havent had a full on scrap just squabbling but i feel sorry for the other amazon like the grey has took her mate away just put them back in cage they are fine now munching melon think i will move cage tomorrow though from the day i brought the grey in she has been obsess with him 6mths ago
  3. i dont have the room at the moment do you think across the room will make a difference, there cages are together at the moment and shouldnt i let them out together anymore the amazon and the cag are sat together now the other one is talking away on the other cage , they seem settled at the moment it usually starts when i get the grey out and they are still in there cage the one amazon then attacks the other till i open the cage but she has always been the dominant bird and always has been the boss the other backs off and has accepted this once there all out things are fine other than the amazon stalking the grey round the room which he likes
  4. well where do i start i have 2 blue fronted amazons 25yr old and a 6mth old cag one of the amazons has decided he now doesnt want to know his lifelong amazon buddy 2 females, and swapped all the attention to the cag she is displaying all the wing flapping beaking preening to the grey he is lapping it up and they are great mates but the cag doesnt want him in his cage they play out , the other poor amazon is getting bullied by its amazon friend its the less dominant of the two and backs down although they have had a few scuffles lately , there cages are next to each other i just dont want the amazons to get hurt how would you resolve this situation the amazonws share a cage and have got along before for 25ys they still come out altogether and get along mainly but the amazon now just wants to be with the grey stalking him
  5. hi thanks will see if they can deliver for wednesday but not sure i have enough time
  6. does anyone know where i could buy a bird harness in sheffield as i need one for wednesday the damm bulldog has chewed ours , the thing is i have promised to take the greys in to school as the boys are doing a topic on birds i really dont want to let them down but as such short notice i am getting worried as i dont want to take them without a harness even if anyone could borrow me one it would be great to late to buy and get one posted i think
  7. you could try drilling a hole and padlocking the tray its hard to tell without seeing the cage, and what alterations you could do, cable ties are great you can buy them in bulk but you would have to watch the birds for chewing and using new ones everytime you clean the tray that might be a bit time comsuming, it may not be everyones great idea of fixing the cage to the wall but we have had to for safety reasons for both the bird and the boys of course when it needs a good jet wash it can be unfastened,, my boys really are good with our grey despite been autistic but i aways have to be 2 steps ahead, isnt there another room where the bird can live of which a safety gate can be put up till your little boy gets a bit older and understands more its only natural for him to be curious, saying that my oldest wouldnt care if there was a tiger in a cage in the lounge as long as he could watch tv as thats his autistic obbession rewinding the same thing over and over again .
  8. thats exactly how i feel pippy900, but dont think i will get from the same clutch but hopefully because hes a baby he shouldnt take long to get on with the other bird , your birds look really loved and well taken care of , also very happy and contented i would consider taking on a young rescue bird if anyone knows of one, but other wise i need to find a good breeder in the south yorkshire area as my birds breeder wasnt ideal really you live and learn though and we love him to bits i have 2 autistic boys and they sit for hours talking to him its funny as they find it difficult to talk to humans and interact .sx
  9. i think i will get a cag then thankyou for all the advice , i just dont want him to be lonely i will start looking in the new year xxxxx
  10. i didnt think at 14wks they could be that aggressive and funny, it just shows you what kind of birds can live with a grey can macaws
  11. hi wondered if anyone could help just got a 14wk old cag , i want to get a second bird so they have company when iam not around, and can each have a friend of there own species , i will give each equal attention and train both , should i get another baby, can i put a baby of this age with each other straight away , and what parrots are ok to live with greys happily without danger , there is that much spilt advice about this subject around some say the birds will not bondto you talk at all etc then people also say parrots love having a mate
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