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  1. goldenoldie

    Confessions of a parroty person - add yours (humorous)

    Glad to see that others leave the seed bowl for a couple of days - I do that too.
  2. goldenoldie

    Confessions of a parroty person - add yours (humorous)

    Dillon - my grey, now sadly at the bridge - loved Ribena, but he would never drink it from his water bowl. He would only drink it from out of a glass whilst sitting on his play stand - never on his cage
  3. Shelving now has interesting markings around the edge, top of the doors (although the cockatiels did those), curtains were nibbled too, and wallpaper mysteriously peeled away, must say that Jasper (Jardine's) is the destructive one , Dillon (A. Grey now at the bridge) tended to stick to his chew toys
  4. goldenoldie

    under the knife again

    Sorry, just catching up - sorry to hear that you have to have another op, will be keeping everything crossed for you
  5. goldenoldie

    No slackers allowed!

  6. goldenoldie

    under the knife again

    Good luck wishes flying their way to you
  7. goldenoldie

    Help! Charley has just bitten Olly's toe off!

    How is Olly today - when Dillon had to have A/B's I added them to warmed baby food, as long as he didn't see me add the drops he was fine, but the one time he did see me do it he refused to eat anything. Who said birds are birdbrained? Good luck
  8. goldenoldie

    Old threads born again

    My birds love playing with wrapping paper - always ends up as confetti - but keeps them occupied for hours
  9. goldenoldie

    Little Lottie

    Little Lottie one of my cockatiels went to the bridge today - found her in the corner of the shelter. I'd had her for 17 years and she wasn't a youngster when she came to live with us, she was a sweet bird who never got involved in the squabbles that sometimes boke out, and loved being sprayed with the hosepipe in the summer. Fly high and free at the bridge little one
  10. goldenoldie

    No parrots involved but does mention Christmas

    Usually the weekend before Christmas day
  11. All of my birds are outside, and they don't bother at all - when I had Dillon (grey, now at the bridge)he used to shout "Big Bang" (that's what I used to say to the dogs) but they didn't bother him either
  12. goldenoldie

    What other hobbies do you enjoy?

    I'm a knitting nut, although struggle to do as much as I would like because of health problems
  13. goldenoldie

    Someone's been teaching Merlin new words!

    Bet you have to mind your P's and Q's when around your birds
  14. goldenoldie

    Seeds or Pellets!!!!!!!!

    Dillon and Jasper were both fed on Zupreem - wouldn't touch the coloured one but woofed the natural type down (as well as their fruit, veggies, pulses), but after we lost Dillon, Jasper would not touch the pellets at all and he is now on a seed mix which all gets eaten except for the red chillis - they get chucked out as soon as he seems them