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  1. Your set up looks very good. I to decided to change my lighting set up and went and orded the bird lamp set which arrived today but having seen yur set up I'm thinking I should have orded 2?
  2. Where have you brought the light set from? I am now thinking of replacing mine for the lcompact lamp set just for the neatness.
  3. For our house bunnies, we use a flexable tubing to cover all wires. You can buy it from B&Q
  4. Let us know how it works out. i am now considering changing my lights for the compact set?
  5. Have you recieved your order yet?
  6. I have read that artical which led me to spend ages trying to find an electric ballast. I eventually discovered that Exo Terra make an electronic light unit but only for the use of two bulbs. They will be brining out a electronic dimmer unit which is supposed to simulate sunrise and sunset i.e. the tubes take longer to lighting up and dimming down plus it has a timer so as to increase the hours in summer and decrease for winter etc
  7. That set up does look impressive and solves the issues around having wires hanging all over the place. I would like to lay the tubes flat on the bars but the issues with the birds having easy reach to the wires makes it impossible and hence the use of the clamps.
  8. That set up sounds good but tubes work out cheaper than the compact set. I have one of those arcadia lapm sets for my crested gecko's and although it is good I personally don't think it's worth the high price tag. It took us ages to decide what cage to get but thought spending that little bit extra for the well-being of the birds was more important than saving the extra cash. What I would really like is a rainbow lorikeet and eventually a macaw but that will take a hell of a lot sweet talking
  9. Hi Pippy, I have two green cheek conures, a blue yellowsided and a pineapple. The cage is the montana daytona which is a big cage for two small parrots but we wanted to make sure they had plenty of space to move around whilst we were away working. However, having a large cage always means space for one or two more GCC's once I have sweet talked my partner The lighting is mounted using the clamps I had left over from my reptile lamps. I have heard people using one of the arcadia compact lamps as the main lighting bulb for the room they keep their birds in. However, the further the birds are away form the light the less benefits they will recieve. For reptiles, the lighting should be placed no more than 12 inches from the reptile in order for them to get the benefits from the uvb/uva etc although the use of a reflector greatly increases the distance. I am however, not sure if the same rule of thumb applies to birds so on the safe side my lights are less than 12 iches from the cage plus giving the hight of the cage i decided to increase the lighting using the reflectors. I suppose you could fix lighting on the back of your cage or wall?
  10. This is my lighting set up. I use two arcadia tubes with reflectors. Being concerned about the possible effects that tube flickering may have on the birds, I run the tubes using an exo terra electronic starter. I have yet to decide on how to hide the wires or find a better way to mount the lighting.
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