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  1. just thought I'd pop in and share the sad news with those of you who may remember my 2 little darlings...Lizzie sadly left me early hours of this morning...I'm gutted and feel so lost.she was my cuddly baby.
  2. my 2 GCC's love to sit on my keyboard all innocent-then chase my fingers away when I try to type and nip if I don't move fast enough-pair of menaces lol.My TAG tends to just sit on top of the screen watching-he's a good boy lol.
  3. birdie loves his and uses a lot of energy bashing it about now...but used to be scared of it and walk around the cage avoiding touching it but with his eyes very carefully glued to it just incase it should jump at him while he wasnt looking lol
  4. so should parrots be wormed on a regular basis like you do with dogs/cats or only if/when you see signs of them having worms?
  5. nia


    just found this http://paint-direct.co.uk/en-GB/product/554/1300-0-66-0-52.aspx and wondered if any1 has used it and wot ur opinions of it are
  6. nia


    ah its good to know some fo you have usd the breatheasy stuff with birds in the house still.my 3 have decorated for me-purple and red splodges(strawberries and blueberries) and I have just decided they have had it their way long enough so now I'm going to choose the colour scheme lol.
  7. just a thought here...but a child with respect for the beak and ability to inflict damage doesnt neccesarily mean a safehappy relationship between child and bird...I have a little greencheek who for some reason has taken a huge dislike to my 9yr old who has been nothing but gentle and patient with Gizmo-yet Gizmo will go out of his way to attack my 9yr old with no apparent reason.I have had Gizmo hanging off my 9yr olds neck and ears and he has drawn blood from him and is now not allowed out of his cage when my son is home unless my son is in bed. On the other side Lizzie my other greencheek will go sit with my son and other children so can go either way depending on the bird.Just a thought :-)
  8. is this just the piping you can pick up from plumbing centre for emptying the sink?
  9. oh Jem I'm so sorry for your loss. I do agree with Caron tho.Losing you aswell would be a huge blow for Max.Poor fella is going to want you to help him through his confusion at losing his mate and in time he may also be of some comfort to you in helping you deal with your loss.Rehoming him now would be a double blow for you too.
  10. I've just discovered a whole load in my hallway!don't think theyve made it thru to the living room where the birds are yet as they are at the far end of the hallway.Never had them in the house before but get them on the path outside the front door ever single year..I've just put some ant killer sticky stuff down...you put it on small bit of metal etc and they carry it into the nest....so hopefully that will work.If not I'll try the talcum powder
  11. sounds like maybe Willow has sussed that Daisy has her 'disability' and is picking on her as she sees her as the weaker bird?Would the flight commands not work with Willow seeing as its her doing the flying and bullying?
  12. yeah u should be totally flattered lol...seriously though I can't imagine how hard it must be.I'm lucky that mine get on-although havent got as far as having Birdie out with the conures yet and tbh no intention to anytime soon. And Lizzie and Gizmo seem to be another exception to the rule...adore each other and little time for me lol
  13. not sure if this is of any use but the 1 thing that ALWAYS works when the conures start screeching is to give them a big bowl of water.They are too busy diving in then preening and drying themselves off to scream then lol
  14. I have this problem with my Gizmo and have to do what Net suggested.the lights and tv go off so the room is totally dark and he goes straight back to the top of his cage.I quietly tell him he's a good boy and go over to him and just pick him up.Then put the light back on before putting him in the cage.I've been lucky that I've never had to towel him as he will literally just freeze once on the cage but it has to be total darkness for it to work which is why the tv goes off too
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