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    Yeah my partners rabbit eats the odd bit of parrot poo he finds whilst running around the living room, it must be nutritious in some way lol mick
  2. After reading through all the new posts with all the great pics everyone is posting of thier birds i thought we should post a few pics of how Tam and Skittle look now at 28 months Sorry for the poor quality we can only take photo's using my camera phone as they are too distracted and excited by the sight of a normal camera lol many thanks mick & louise
  3. Hey Pippy, Hows you and your flock doing (its been a while since we were last on lol) pics look great as usual as do Yvonnes toys :wink: our 2 sennies are still loving the ones we bought ages ago might need to invest in some newer ones! Hope all is well mick & louise
  4. Aye he's a bonny little bird wish our 2 would let us take photos instead they either fly away or try and destroy whatever you're holding lol mick
  5. Hi JR Its been a while lol, How is Pico doing? Just caught up with all your pics, is he still enjoying his home made toys? Our 2 are just pulling the house to bits for thier entertainment lol cheers mick
  6. Hi Dura, We,ve not been on here for ages so we're just catching up on all the threads we've missed. Your pics are amazing, tis indeed a lovely little sennie you have The photo of the budgie preening the senie is lovely, hope they're all doing well, we have a pair of sennies of about 26 months and they are as naughty as ever lol many thanks mick & louise
  7. Thanks Net that's good to hear . I think before we go away we might make them stay over one or two nights so they know we will go back for them. It's weird it's like leaving kids at home!
  8. Hi everyone, Its been a while since we were last on here hope all is well, our little Senegals Tam and Skittles are doing brilliantly, 2 and a half years old already! Me and Michael are planning a 2 week holiday abroad in June (I know it's ages away sorry) but we are really anxious about leaving them as one of us has always been with them since we got them at 12 weeks old. We have arranged for a friend to look after them at his house, he has a Senegal parrot too, but we are worried they'll not like it and be scared so not talk to us when we get back. Are our concerns justified or are birds ok without their owners for a couple of weeks? They are in huge cages at the moment so we need to buy smaller cages for when they go to his, should we put them in it for a few hours each day leading up to the 2 week break so they get used to it? Also should we get him round to our house so the birds can get to know him so he isn't a complete stranger? Is there anything else we can do to soften the blow to them and make us worry about them a bit less? Any ideas would be welcome, even if it's to say 'don't go on holiday it's not good for the birds' as we have thought about it because we are so anxious. Thanks in advance, Louise.
  9. Sorry everyone missed all the replies to this with not being on for a while. They are in a cage with divider as Tam started to get a little boisterous and started knocking the little girl about a bit so we did'nt like leaving them when we were out incase she came to any harm. Being in seperate halves has'nt affected them at all their bond is still as strong as ever As for the perch i suppose i was just looking for peoples thoughts and funnily enough the only thing we were really worried about was the amount of coloured powder that was constantly in Skittles' nostrils. We had to swap her blue perch for a pink one as she chewed right through the blue one but she got even more carried away ( must have liked the pink foundation even better lol she does'nt even have a mirror!!) so we have swapped her night perch for a wooden one and left the pink one lower in the cage so she can still play if she wants to. Tam loves being on his back all the time now we have a green cushion on the settee for him and when its play time he comes out onto his cushion and rolls over on command lol many thanks mick
  10. I was just going to ask if its ok for them to eat satsumas and tangerines etc our senegals love them but i was once told to only feed small amounts as it can be bad for them?? Ours wont eat the peel like just the segments lol mick
  11. If a cut or injury is bleeding alot simply dab a little cornflour on the wound to help with clotting. Again im not qualified to advise but i would never dream of putting anything on our birds if it does'nt bleed alot i think its best left alone to scab over and heal naturally, birds are'nt like dogs etc if a bird gets an injury it will simply leave it alone and let it heal as quick as possible ( a very knowlegable lady once told me this from this site in a crisis situation, you know who you are lol) many thanks mick
  12. Our 2 must have just decided senegals are'nt cool enough at the min, Tam is trying to turn into a hanging parrot and skittles has even more blue all over her head and face!! with her pale colours and her bright blue head she is starting to look like a completely different species lol. I dont know if we need to remove the perch she is using to do it, its a calcium pedi perch but she just wont stop chewing it up and then rubbing her head around on the loose bits like make up lol. mick
  13. You have to laugh at what they come up with to entertain themselvses lol mick
  14. This is how i found tam when i got in from work the other night e stayed this way for about half an hour after i got in too lol mick
  15. Our sennies make loads of different crazy noises whistles, robotic noises and some that sound like one of those kazoo things lol i noticed the other day when i was in the garden that almost all of the noises are copied from the starlings!! mick
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