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  1. As someone who has just made a successful claim for over £500 I can say that the headed paper I have from them is from BrooksBraithwaite who I assume is the insurance broker but the name also on the paper is 'exoticdirect.co.uk' So what I am trying to say, from recent experience, they pay up no problems, https://www.exoticdirect.co.uk/
  2. Hi all, first stormbird, I bow to your great knowledge, but when one's loved one for 13 years is ill, you will grasp and blame anything, I am not for or against GM foods, [do not know enough about them] but just feel perhaps the cob was not cooked or washed properly, Still I am a great 'better to be safe than sorry' so he is only having frozen or tin sweet corn now, rubytoo, perhaps I had a bad batch of sweet corn, will never know, zolabud, sorry cant help you, would never buy seed in bulk, not that mine has a awful lot of that type of seed, more a pulses nut fruit and veg bird,
  3. Sorry if you do not agree, and have shot me down in flames, and thankfully I did not need a postmortem, also have nothing to prove I am right or wrong, just after he was sick and I read on another forum about GM veg, it made me think, they put some kind of Roundup insecticide into the seeds which gowns the cob, and as I did not cook it through, just thought it could have been the cause. The test results just said no salmonella, or any type of worms, or anything else nasty, so 'no' there was no proof there, just my gut-feeling.
  4. Can I join in on this topic, I have a maxi Pionus, age 13, and a few months ago he was quite ill. vet said after loads of tests that it was a bactirial gut infection, thankfull after 3 weeks of antibiotics he is doing fine, have no proof what caused it but I have a theory it was corn on the cob,a lot of vegtables now are Genetically Modified, my bird loved his cob, liked it hard, so I use to give it a few minutes in the microwave, it was soon after the new season of cobs that he started being sick and things went from there, So if you agree or not, all I can say is cook all vegtabes well wash all fruit, genetically modified
  5. Can I jump in here and say they are very very good, I have had a bad time with my bird latley, [will tell you all in another topic] but the overall vets bill was over £500 and no trouble at all with payment, cheques arrived withen 2 weeks of vet signing the form.
  6. I have lived with a Green Amazon, [my parents] very noisy, a grey that I loved, but had him in 1968, he was wild caught from Africa, so was not very tame, talked and sat on top of his cage, he died after 30 years with psittacosis, [vet said caught from pigions in the garden] then had a Senegal for 2 years, he caught zine poising from his cage, then got my Pionus, and think he is the best and easiest parrot to keep.
  7. David, ok no problem, you said you have had them 'in the past' did they go to other homes, or die, if so what was there age??
  8. Sorry it must juts be me, but I have Firefox spell check, have no trouble with other forums, which I visit 3 others, so can't understad why just here, as you can see it does not work in here,
  9. Wow, mine must just be fussy, or it was the way he was brought-up!!!! he is not a great fruit eater, prefers veg, his pulses I just buy in a health shop and soak in boiling water, the breeder told me that, never tried chickweed, he does like the top of celery or carrots, never tried anything from the hedgerow, frighten it might be sprayed with something, I live in a farming area.
  10. I am using Firfox, firefox, see don't work for me :-(((
  11. Am I right in thinking there is no spellcheck??? cannot find it
  12. What do your's eat?? mine has nornal parrot seed, pulses, [soaked beans and peas] walnuts in shells, [halved by me] peanuts, sugarsnap peas, green beans, apple, in season, sweetcorn cobs, pomegranates, fresh peas in pods, on his playstand he has a dish of mixed fruit and nuts and sunflower seeds, he is out of his cage all day, have a chain screen on the door so he is only in the lounge, sits mainly on his cage or playstand, or my lap or shoulder.
  13. Hi caron-j, I wanted a blue headed one, more because of the colour, but had a job finding a breeder but was lucky in the end, found one just near me and his pair had laid 2 eggs but she sat on one or killed it some how so he took the other egg out and hatch it in incubator, and that was my 'little man' he was sick once. nothing bad, but I had insurance and the vet said would I like a DNA test while he was there, that is how I know he is a 'he' that is him in my avatar.
  14. They are nice birds, not very talkative, mine does say a few words, not very noisy, and not distructive, very layed back, I would have loved another grey, but had to think of his and my life-span, so decided on a shorter life span bird, what I can find out the life of mine should be around 20/25 years, but who can tell.
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