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  1. is there an on and off switch as she dont shut up now lol
  2. merry xmas all Lola gave us a nice present this morning when i said hello to her she replied hi ya
  3. she quite funny now shes found her wings she was doing laps of the bedroom this morning without stopping only issue she has is not being to hot and landing LOLA INCOMING lol
  4. heres lola 12 weekd old and fiding her feet or should that be wings lol http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f291/bens_cab/?action=view&current=02012009.flv
  5. well picked up the parrot yet to find a name for her Can i say a massive thanks to Riga on here for what looks to be one of the finest birds i have ever seen im chuffed to bit so now its the name game
  6. will do im a bit like a kid in a sweet shop tbh cant wait lol
  7. Lets just hope the cat and dog feel the same lol they are scared of there own shadow so should be interesting
  8. thankyou think mine will be the madhouse tommorow evening
  9. Just thought id say hello going to pick up a africa grey tommorow so no doubt i will be on here asking for advice ect when i need it my grandad had 2 african greys when i was a wee lad called george and jane and they were amazing birds sadly they both died within days of each other after 30 odd years i allways said i would get one and tommorow i do wish me luck
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