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  1. I want to get a cd for my Baraband to listen to, I think she would like to hear bird song (baraband song would be fab). Does anyone know where I can get such cds. The speakers are broken on my computer so I cant play anything online :cry: Thanks for any help.
  2. I forgot to add that when I found him there was a boy of about 7 trying to hit him with a football as I was walking over this evil kid tried 4 times to kick the ball at him. Thankfully he missed each time. I shouted at him and a lady that was looking after this brat sorry kid grabbed him by the arm and marched him off, I hope she was really squeezing his arm :twisted: It made me very sad that kids behave so badly towards animals as on the way to the van 2 boys tried hitting the box the bird was in shouting 'is it dead is it dead' I told the other workers with the kids to call their kids away from me as they were very scary!!!!
  3. Just a quick update, our male black headed gull has gone to Three Owl Bird Sanctuary in Norden Rochdale. He will have to have his left leg amputated but is a good weight and will live to see another day. He was beautiful and I will get updates on his progress. He was so lethargic and had a dropped head because he was dehydrated and had been sat in the heat. I got quite a bit of water down while I had him and by the time I got him to the sanctuary his head was up and he was perky enough to bite the man who runs the sanctuary
  4. As the title says. I have found an injured seagul and dont know what to do I have given him/her water by pouring carefully into his beak. I have offered food. I dont know who could help as he/she may have a broken wing... any suggestions???
  5. I have found an injured seagull. I have brought him/her home and put him in a cage with water and some fish. I dont know what to do for the best. He/she is drinking when I pour water into his beak. Every rescue is only open office hours and the RSPCA dont help birds....... What should I do...
  6. Is someone going to go and have a look at these birds for me? WHOOHOO thank you guys.. especially it seems to June, THANK YOU :-D As I have said Im a total novice with birds and I would be MUCH happier if someone with a bit of knowledge had a look at them. Edited to say You guys are fab
  7. Its in a place called Tyldesley in Manchester. The pet shop is called Hudsons.
  8. Got a call from the lady from the council today...... she told me she had researched bird behaviour on the internet and the budgie sat on the floor of its cage with fluffed feathers was probably just a timid bird!!!!!! The cockatiel shivering was also probably nervous!!! Im flabbergasted. She then went on to tell me how Aldi and Lidl were doing cages and pet items much cheaper than Mr Hudson could sell them for so he is doing anything make a profit. She was more or less totally defending him and his "hamster free with every cage" and having ill birds. She has sent him a letter highlighting the rules of his licence...... she said this letter will really hit Mr Hudson badly because he has been in business for many many years and has never had a complaint before. She also said she could not justify what I had saw because she wasnt there at the time, I told her to visit the shop to see if the birds were acting "timid". She said the birds are at the back of the shop and away from draughts and that maybe the birds had a set feeding time and had just been cleaned out and that is why there was not evidence of any food of any kind. I feel more frustrated now than I did before. What is the point of these licences???
  9. I have reported him to the council and I am not comfortable in going back to the shop to see the birds. I am going to get a friend to go in for me to see if the budgie is on the cage floor still and see if the tiel is still shivering. He isnt a easy going sort of man that owns the shop and wouldnt not take it kindly me questioning his care of his birds. Im trying to get a friend to go in the shop for me but she has been really busy and not been able to get there.
  10. I am a novice first time bird owner and the person giving me information on birds was strongly for clipping, he advised me that the bird would never bond with me if she wasnt clipped as she would choose to fly away instead of being with me. This definately isnt so in my case. I mentioned the woman who wrote Parrots for dummies because it may show that it will becoming more and more the norm not to clip in USA (and here)
  11. Before I got my bird I read Parrots for Dummies (besides this book scaring me to death about getting a bird, making me think I would have to grow my own organic garden just to feed it) she did say she was against clipping birds wings and she is an American. The person I got my bird from suggested we get her clipped, we never have and love to watch her fly around the house. The book I read said bad clipping can cause plucking and negative behaviour :-(
  12. Oh now Im worried he might hurt them instead of getting them vet help... oh my word I should have just gone and bought them...... The woman from the council tried to justify him farrrr to often for me to feel comfortable she would do anything to help these birds. Im going to have to go in and check on them tomorrow, I will buy something for my dogs as an excuse to go in. Its really hard to know what to do for the best.
  13. Reported it to the local council, the lady I spoke to said she had done an inspection less than 3 months ago and found everything to be fine..... I asked her if she was trained in spotting ill animals and she hesitated and said "urrm yes" She started to tell me that in this current economic climate that maybe thats the reason he had the heating off and that could make the birds look poorly....... I said the economic climate is no reason to make an animal suffer and it wasnt the cold why the birds were sat on the floor and shivering as these are not natural behaviours even in the cold. Im going to visit in a few days to see if the birds are okay or if they have been removed.
  14. I thought of reporting them. The shop is too cold and draughty to have birds.
  15. Went to a local pet shop today and they had a budgie that was sat on the floor of its cage it looked asleep (why would it sleep on the floor)... the pet shop is cold. It didnt look happy. There was also a Cockatiel and I have posted on another thread it was shivering.. https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/20759-cockatiel-shivering-in-pet-shop/ My problem is now I cannot get them out of my head and want to get them out of there. The Cockatiel seemed friendly and okayish but the budgie didnt look very well at all. If I go and get the budgie could it bring something into the house that could effect my Barraband Parrakeet? If I get them out will he just get more to fill their places..... I HATE PET SHOPS THAT SELL ANIMALS!!!
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