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  1. Thanks a lot MMM, you are a darling
  2. Hi, I was looking for some bird gym for my GCC. Would love to hear some suggestions Thanks
  3. sfan

    My new Clown

    Budgies are awesome! Pickle's voice is kind of like a budgie's ! Thanks!
  4. sfan

    My new Clown

    He has been named Pickle
  5. sfan

    My new Clown

    Ye he did, he is going through the nippy stage :twisted:
  6. sfan

    My new Clown

    George sounds nice! I will keep it in mind Thanks. I was thinking about ducky because he quaks so much or stewie because he is so naughty PS:- He is about 12 weeks old, could someone tell me if his plumage will change more?
  7. sfan

    My new Clown

    Thanks guys ps:- Shimmer makes him sound angelic! He infact is extremely naughty and full of mischief!
  8. sfan

    My new Clown

    I finally got a conure yesterday. He is a hybrid of a Pearly Conure and a Maroon-bellied conure. He is really young and has been weaned recently. He is very very clingy, if one of us moves away from him, he will fly all the way to sit on their shoulder! Havent thought of a name for him yet (Not sure if it is a 'he') , going to name him after getting to know his personality more Suggestions are welcome !
  9. sfan

    How to bring a bird home?

    Thanks for all the help guys
  10. Hi I am thinking of buying a Jardine's parrot. After doing a lot of research I have found a couple of breeders who have some babies available. I dont drive, and I live in london. These breeders aren't exactly close [one of them is in Wales]. I was wondering if I will be allowed to carry the bird on a public transport like a train or bus? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. sfan

    Hello everyone - Sfan

    Thanks for the welcome guys :>
  12. sfan

    Hello everyone - Sfan

    ^^ fixed...had copied the wrong code :>
  13. Hi everyone..I am Brad and I just found this site [which is quite a shame since I should have found it months ago when I was trying to tame my cockatiels] I currently have two cockatiels- Mr spock [common grey male] and phoebe [pearl pied female] [both were from a pet shop so were not hand tame or anything] - Anyways..I am looking forward to make an addition to my flock..a Jardine or a B/H Pionus maybe..havent decided yet but from what I have researched both seem to be relatively quiet birds. But still I have yet to know if Jardines in general are as quiet as Pionus parrots or not [i know individual birds will have different personalities]