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  1. Bella123

    The caique strut!

    What a stunning picture Their yellow trousers always remind me of mc hammer i always expect lucy to start dancing :shock: lol
  2. Can anyone point in the direction of the site owner please as i would like to message them. Sorry i had to post this in this section apparently i dont have the aurthority to post in the general chat.
  3. Bella123

    parrots & newborn babies - advice please

    I had my 1st parrot when my little boy was 3 months old and he was no were near tame he didnt bother with my son thankfully but if he did go close we moved him away and told him no. Now he is tame and my son is 17 months old they get on great, Billy will try to pinch his toys and if he ever gets fed up he just flies away.
  4. Bella123

    Hello everyone - Bella123

    I know what you mean i have my rats in one of these cages so they all seem to be fasinated lol i have to put wood on the top because i get scared :shock:
  5. Bella123

    Hello everyone - Bella123

    Awww ive just looked in your photobucket your rats are gorgeous!!!
  6. Bella123

    Hello everyone - Bella123

    Thank you He always ends up on my head when we shower
  7. Bella123

    Hello everyone - Bella123

    Yeah they are never normal are they? lol
  8. Hi everyone my name is claire im from stoke-on-trent i have a green ringneck named billy who was very untame when we 1st had him and now can be held upside down gives kisses and is very soppy, a grey ringneck names sir didymus who i adopted from ukpr who is just the sweetest little man altho not tame i am getting there and also a female cockatiel isis who came with my grey ringneck I also own two male rats and a staffy who is daft as a brush And a few pictures of them all Billy Didymus Isis My lovely little men And my crackers doggy missy