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  1. Katie's fine she's not going anywhere .....& neighbours seem fine now too All i can say is you don't know what you have to do until you are put into that kind of situation..!!... It will destroy us if we did ever have to rehome katie and can't bear the thought of that ever happening... but would rather live in the woods with katie than us to keep our home without her ... .. so would battle till the end I came on here asking for advice !!..and most was i told you so's..etc.. so i'm afraid this will be my last post on here ....... Thanks all for the advice in the past etc..... but seen most now in a different light............... :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. Thanks ..but the last thing we want is to lose katie we are just looking at all avenues and advice on where we stand ...... i'm sure it will not come to having to rehome katie as we love her dearly ...and she knows it too ..lol
  3. No advice was ignored .. all was taken on-board and we read up constantly and looked at all avenues before we took her in .. if anyone would have seen her in the situation she was in at the time anyone with a heart would have took her there & then .. dare i say if we did not act when we did she could have been in a worst state or even have been dead by now ...we acted & took her she has never plucked since she has been here and has come on in leap & bounds she used to be in a corner of her cage until we walked into the shop where she seemed to recognise us i have seen other people in the shop try to stroke her with no avail ... this is not a debate ..... i have come on here to ask for advice not to hear ..I told you so's ...
  4. firstly we would never! even consider selling her to a breeder or somebody who has no experience with too's as we know how much hard work they can be (first hand experince)...lol there is 2 things that should come with an instruction manual that dont and they are :- kids! and pets!
  5. I am willing to go through on the phone with you everything that you can try, if you havne't tried it already? What more can i say? If Katie only squawks when you see her in the morning etc, well that is normal too behaviour, that you will never change? Toos always squawk when they are excited to see you, just like a dog barks when you come home after being out. Then they roll over and you give them a fuss and they are happy. You are asking for help, and I have been trying to offer this from the start? #-o ive sent you a pm
  6. hi everyone i have read everything everyone has put. As none off you all know myself or deano personally we are very loving and passionate about all our animals inc. katie that gets very spoilt by myself as most off you know me and her have bonded fantastic. If i could move tommorow i would but this is a council property and its not that simply i wish it was , we live in a row of 5 houses with other houses opposite with no rd inbetween us so close as the people opposite can hear her , we have become used to katies sqwalking but because no-one round here is used to it that is why people are starting to complain espicially for 1 as you all know we had a tiff!...ect. as a couple of you think its about money its NOT!!! and we havnt made our minds up like some suggest just needed to know where we stood advice ect.....! sorry if this sounds very offensive but i took some off these posts made by others very personal i love my little girl & never want to part with her we didnt wanna start a debate from kelly
  7. thanx rubytoo for all this advice i didnt know it was gonna turn into a debate just needed some advice on this matter
  8. Same here - they'd have to kill me first :shock: yes we are going to battle through it at night when we cover her she doesn't make a sound until she can hear us in the morning .. then its just hello then a sqwalk then "morning sweetheart" ... she is part of our family and knew people would say ......... i told you so .....etc but if anyone would have seen her in that petshop shivering sat in the corner of her cage with the doors wide open i think anyone would have took her home if they had the chance too .. but advice is what is needed not a debate ..please ...... :?
  9. thanks and yes our main concern is for katie she is number one ... i started this thread hoping that someone else had been through this and what they did ....advice really is what is needed....
  10. thanks all ... its not the case of us just passing her on ...she is like one of our children we got her out of that petshop if you all can remember reading the first posts where she was near the door which was open throughout xmas blowing the cold onto her ...i read and read up and did lots of homework before even considering homing her .. she had been passed from pillar to post in the past and has settled really well and bonded with kelly now..which this is very hard on her to say the least ... believe me i will fight this to the end and have even contacted the authorities inviting them round to meet her .. She will not be just going anywhere as we will both make sure she goes to the best forever home possible for her as she well deserves .. this would be heartbreaking and would rather move! but as things are at the moment i think everybody is in the same boat ... i wish it was easy just to up and move to another house
  11. Due to us havin a tiff with one of our neighbours we have now received a complaint ... :cry: We are hoping that it does not have to come to this and would miss her dearly if it does.... We know she has her morning call and evening call but thought she was getting better we don't class her as being really loud ..unless its just us being used to her now .... I may be selling her to a friend for the same price i paid for her including her cage so i know she'll be really well looked after and not too far away to visit ......i know its going to be hard for kel as they both have bonded well ... :cry: more pictures in photobucket
  12. just keep checking fiver & five us too as they are channel fives sister channels ..
  13. yep a bit scary this was taken at gone midnight katie didn't settle well for some reason ..?.. i have thought of anything else it could be i could believe it was dust if ...any of us were moving to cause a bit of dust to move !!!!.. there was only me & kel in the room .....a little freaky and i was wondering too if katie could see it as her crest lifts slightly as it is passing her ..... any other ideas .. or maybe katie is that loud she can wake up the dead !...lol
  14. I think i might look up derek acorah's phone number !!!...lol
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