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  1. what is npz.i still have no news of molly even after over £100 of phone calls to rspca and 2 letters,ive been of this site for a long time as i was sure my heart would breack over molly my triton ,i still think of her evey day,as for the rspca ,please look at my post about the conure i found.in the lost and found section.the rspca or evil and heartless .lea
  2. oh my god .had a lady phone me saturday to say she had found a parrot and had put it in her bathroom,she had been on the phone for 30 mins to the rspca who refused to help her or even pick the parrot up,she found me threw thornberry animal sanctuary who gave her my number.i went straight there (hillsbrough sheffield) the bird was a red masked conure, someone loved this bird dearley,it was tame and talking ,it clung to me like a limpet,under my chin,im so very sorry but the bird passed away in the middle of the night,i have tried so very hard to findthe owners im sure the disstraut owner will be gutted,i have phoned every vet.,the sheffield news papers even john hayward.if you know of anyone who has lost this bird please ring me on 01709 740177,im so sorry the bird has passed away i have buried him in a large pot,so if the owner can be found at least they can take him home and bury him in there own garden,its really broke my heart the bird has passed away,and that i could not find his owner,clap clap again to the rspca that refused to help the lady that found him.you all might know me as mollys mum the triton cockatoo.many thanks lea.
  3. so ria how has caron helped by leaving the birds to suffer even longer.question then ria would you have left the birds in squaler and fear
  4. so you dont know ******* then from the rspca.you told me a number of times u rang the rspca,lets just go to lala land and say you havent contacted the rspca,why the hell not when you saw those birds in squaler,you should have rang them even if you say you didnt,why would you not ring the rspca if you saw the neglect the birds were suffering and walk away and leave them,opps sorry u told me you were sorry we wernt friends and you was going to bed with a bangging headache pitty thats all the birds had.like i said im quite willing to forward the text you sent me this evening,the truth will allways come out.ive done now said my piece make your own minds up.my last words are would you have left these poor souls there because no way on earth would i.lea x
  5. HOW DARE U..its you that is texting me,you have just stated in a text that a pam rang me last year.i do not know this pam so you get your facts right DORETHEY RAINER rang me a couple of months ago and said people had been talking so i rang june who assured me she was fine ,and still at that time i thought molly was in wales safe and sound,i am not attacking you,why is the truth attacking you,you left thoses birds in squaler fear and terror ,you saw the birds with your own eyes,why take it upon yourself to sort it out.you should have stood there and demmanded the police came who would have called in the rspca,but the birds would not have suffered anymore torture,or maybe would have been abled to be saved instead of being put down.and dont dare say i knew about this if so why would we be in the car straight away and drove from southyorkshire to cleveland as soon as you told me what was happening to molly.the buck stops with YOU LADY.it was your duty to stand there while u demanded the police came.and to add insult to injury you said you cleaned molly up and cuddled her,thats so crule my bird must have thought she was being saved.im not attacking you im stating the truth,why the hell after seeing thoses poor souls in shocking conditions walk away.this is not hindsight this is crule evil and callus on your part,what about the other poor frantic owners of birds that were there, we all got conned by june,but you saw the disstressing state of these birds and walked away.did you go home make sure your own birds were safe and sound.so once more this is not an attack its the plain honest truth.you say you helped me all you could thats bull you left my bird in disstressing conditions ,now you want to help cos she is dead,clap clap what a star you are,if i was you id be ashamed of myself,yes me and other owners have been hoodwinked by june,but you saw the filth neglect and horror the birds were in.not me,not other owners ,you saw it and walked away,i hope u can sleep well at night.makes me laugh attacking you and please dont text,you sent me a text tonight saying if i went on birdline there is an eclectus called thomas he is in lancashire.so caught lying again.you have only said im attacking you cos ive spilled the beans.4 messages you have sent me today im quite happy to forward them to anyone.i dont tell lies,you dont like the truth thats all,so once again i can prove that i dont tell lies with your text.one thing that bothers me the most WHY BADGER THE RSPCA TO RAID JUNE WHEN YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED THE SUFFERING OF THOSES BIRDS THAT VERY NIGHT,WALKED AWAY AND LEFT THEM TO SUFFER.nice one you must be so proud of yourself.
  6. i think you should be in on the truth.caron-j saw my molly in december and said she was in a shocking condition,she preaches on here about bird wellfare,what did she do about molly,bilbo and the other birds that were in shocking conditions,did she stand outside and phone the police or the rspca no people she just left her there to rot,my molly must have been terrified .at the time i was still talking to june who assured me molly was fine,i still belived molly was in wales but found out alison scales had moved this crule disspickable person into a house of her own and rented it to june,yes i was silly believing june,but carron-j saw it with her own eyes and left my molly to rot there.i feel utterley betrayed by carron-j and alison scales.i would have stood there all night and all week if i saw thoses birds with my own eyes and left them there.how dare she give advice on this forum and walk away from those poor birds that were with sue weir ,who by the way has servere mental heath problems.this is all facts,so please do not remove this post for telling the truth,even if my own bird was not there i would not have left thoses birds there and do nothing,i would have kiddnapped them if i had to,i would not have walked away,COULD YOU,OR WOULD YOU,BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT HAVE DRAGGED ME AWAY WITH WILD HORSES KNOWING WHAT FEAR TERROR AND SQUALOR THE BIRDS WERE LEFT IN,BREAKS MY HEART.LEA.X
  7. holiday home offered rotherham southyorkshire,long or short term,for holidays or owners illness 26 years experiance with large birds .01709 740177 thanks lea
  8. molly was not a parrot care bird,june was fostering while i had a 7inch plate 13 screws and a bolt in my foot,a bone graft from my hip,my leg was that bad i have lost nearley 2 inch in hieght,the rspca 11 calls this morning and still john lawson will not even ring me back to tell me they have killed my molly,how utterley evil is that.dont know how i posted this can hardley see key board threw my tears.xx
  9. gutted,inspector john lawson new she was our bird,we brought her back form the brink of death when she was 16 weeks old,payed thousands in vets bills,how dare jaqui patterson put these birds down me and bob have been up all night crying,how dare rspca put her down ,for gods sake ,they have put me threw hell in the last 4 days i rang the rspca 31 calls 4 this morning.and still not told us the truth that they killed our molly.what the hell is wrong with them.alison even told john lawson she would pay all vets fee,s for every bird.rspca inspector told alison no,how dare he.a law upon himself,billbo was not brain damaged i have his brother harry who has a great life,runs about beak down and can run for england,that woman said billbo was brain damage,how can a disabled bird be kept in a cat carrier in his own poo and june dare say she helped birds,how dare she call herself a rescue,that evil woman was just a horder,people i could rip my heart and soul out i feel like dieing my heart will never mend.i will never let this go.love leaxxx
  10. you horrible in insencative ***.they were taken to j patterson who is reptile vet phone number 01642 587777,she is not an avain.rspca took my poor molly there.i did not have the chance to prove we had all her vets records.the rspca have put molly down so answer that you evil .****.post your contact details,my details or open and honest.i have beg pleaded to put our case forward for molly so we could show the vets reports.30 CALLS 4 in day our poor molly is dead.put DOWN BY RSPCA.,answer thhat u evil *** ,my heart is broken,she only went to junes while i had a 7inch plate 13 screws and a bolt in , ,my foot ,then would not give her me ,back,how dare u comment on my loss
  11. please please some one tell me its not trure,rspca have put my molly down.ba*t**ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have made 29 calls in the last 4 days.i canot say in words.i canot type anymore from the heart renching tears i have
  12. been told parrot care charity is still active what a joke,and that june is in hospital,she maybe playing the im so ill card,maybe they have found birds that are really bad and rspca or going to prosicute her,so thats why she is playing im so ill card,thats just my thought as the woman is so devious.you can look up parrot care charity for yourself,s and see that it is still active,lea x
  13. still waiting for rspca to tell me if molly was among the birds,its been 3 days now waiting for rspca to ring me back.you would think inspector john lawson would just ring and let me know.its no use getting leagle involement unless rspca tell me if molly is one of the birds involved.doing my best people to find out where the birds are,as the other birds involved belong to some other poor soul thats also been conned out of there birds,i will post as soon as i here anything,its like waiting to be hung but the rspca dont care about that,like i put in another post that another respected member offered to pay vets fee,s and was turned down.if there is any of junes supports know anything now her game is up i urge you to come forward,we have all been conned by june so dont worry.l was a supporter of june myself untill i found out what was happening,i am not just doing this for molly ,we need to know whats happening to the other poor birds,it would be so very very!!!!!!!!!!!!!helpfull if someone who was close to june and has seen the light could please tell us if they know which birds were taken.you could even phone me and not tell me your name so other owners know if there birds are involved,plus if any one can call or post to let us know if billbo was one of the birds as i said i have his brother,my number once again is 01709 740177,also if you have given june a bird ring me and lets get a list together of birds that maybe involved.so me and my 2 friends can try and find out where my and your birds are,1 of my friends has worked so hard on this for 18 months,we will try our best to help you lea.x
  14. you have to phone inspector john lawton threw the rspca number.all the birds were vetted by jacquie patterson at cleveland who by the way is not an avian vet she deals with reptiles,if she has put any of these poor birds down ,woe betide her,they were then sent to.great hayton.now i cannot trace them any futher than this point.the number for the manager there is ann who clearley lied to me me knowing the birds were there her number is 01642 473946 billbo the gahlar who was kept in a cat carrier and june said was thrown against a wall ,hoovered up and had brain damage load of **** my friends i had billbos sister that past away i have still got his brother harry thats been here for a number of years.no brain damage,its a genetic bone problem,harry is happy falls over somtimes,well adjusted happy bird that runs round the house with his beak on the floor when he has a power run to chase me.love exersisie play and love is all harry needed,when i got him he used to roll over like billbo,the big differance is .i did not shut him in a cat carrier in his own sh*t.love care and attention is what billbo needs,i pray rspca have not put him down,he can come here to be reabilitated and live a nice life with his brother,but we dont know were he is cos rspca will not tell us anything,once again i ask for all your support,lets help the birds,not let the rspca hide or put them down,you all demand to know whats happening to these poor souls,i promise myself and other people would do the same for you,please help lea xxxxxxxxx
  15. i am so mad .june has had over 24 plus birds siezed by the rspca.fact!!!!! this is not lies.the rspca will not answer my frantic calls to see if molly was 1 of the birds.s.there has even been an offer by another dedicated bird lover to pay for treatment of the birds so they would not be put down.this was dissmissed by john lawson rspca inspector who took the birds..i have begged and and pleaded with the rspca to ring me .i have all mollys papers to prove she is my bird.not slept for 2 days waiting for rspca to ring me back.who do they think they are the rspsa.a friend that hAS BEEN FRANTIC to pay for the birds treatment then was shown no respect at all,we all need to badger the rspca and find out were the poor birds are,i WANT MOLLY BACK.the rspca will not even talk to me,how is this right,please all you bird lovers,we have to stick together on this one. phone inspector lawson ,and lets all demand were the birds are.im counting on all your support,lots of love lea.you all have my phone number.i really need you all to support me on this one.not for my sake,not just for mollys sake,for the rest of these poor birds.many many thanks lea xxx
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