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  1. Hey guys thanx for all your advice barr one individual who im guessing you all know who. Yea 'GEM' so in future please dont comment in any of my posts as you are not funny nor are you helpfull!!!! Anyway for the rest of you guys im gonna build the aviary and introduce them to it when it gets a bit warmer i think as the costs of regulating an aviary are quite high. As i have heard about zinc poisioning etc i made a point in my email to themso i received back the quote an i received an email back from one company and she put this: Hot dipped Galvanized framed panels. All wire has zinc in it, so we can not guarantee that it wouldn’t harm your birds. We sell a lot of wire to people for making aviaries etc and have not had any serious or bad news come back. But the birds are very likely to have a nibble and we just cant guarantee it wont cause a problem. Can people please advise on any seriousness of materials etc!! Thanx guys Mark
  2. Thanx for your views guys n gals! OK so let me be slightly more honest with you guys. Over the last yr and a half in having gotten my first parrot the blue n gold i sought of took the missus for granted and showed more love n affection to the birds than to her herself. I didnt realise i was doing this and never realised how much this would lead her to actually hate and i mean hate them! She is never cruel to them just cannot stand them, doesnt speak to them etc. We recently split due to my uncaring and uneffectionate way ive been for a while and we had some time out. We then got together to sort things out and she said she couldnt handle the birds being in the house any longer. However she agreed for me to build an appropiate aviary. I love her dearly also at the same point i love my birds and cannot bear to part with them. I understand that they will need 2 adjust to staying permenant in the aviary but as far as temperature is concerned as long as i ensure the temps are controlled properly that should not b too much of a problem. But i have never once thought of subjecting them to the low temps the winter brings. As long as the night room is regulated and a good section of the flight is regulated then it should b possible and so should jst be a case of them getting used to stay longer in there.
  3. Another problem is my parnter cannot deal with them in the house any longer I would still do my part for them and do all i can to keep them happy to see me etc! I live in southampton which is right down south as far as you can go. We usually get temps at the worst of about minus 2 over the winter and so which is why i am also building their night room for them!
  4. Hi guys, i live in the uk and own a blue n gold and a greenwing who are very good friends. I have to move them out of the house as we have the arrival of our son joshua. They will need to live there permanently and so i had in mind a flight aviary with a shed attached to the side as their night room. This will need to be heated and regulated by a thermostat. Also with one half of the flight aviary covered or some sort of protection to allow the flight aviary to have the temperature regulated to allow them access during the colder parts of the year so they are not stuck in the shed section. What can i do to acheive this as a spot lamp probably wont be adequate when the temperatures drop. What could i do to section off half the flight aviary in the winter periods so i can regulate the temp so during the days they can come out of there night room. Sorry if i have confused anybody by the way ive written this. Any questions please ask! Also do anyone have any websites or contacts of good specialists that deal with making good secure aviary mesh sections in the uk? Many thanks mark
  5. Hi My B&G Macaw loves her pellets and happily ate the pretty bird african special or daily select pellets. All of our pets at home stores have now discontinued the product and i can get them anywhere in any shop. I live in southampton and the nearest place i know that would sell them is Porton garden n aquatic centre in salisbury but thats a bit of a mission away would cost 15 quid in fuel!! Ive tried her on some different pellets but shes not happy with them. PLEASE HELP!!!! LOL
  6. Hi there i have recently purchased an african grey and already had a b&g macaw. My macaw is in the living room and the african grey is kept in the dining room not all alone as he can see us and still gets alot of attention. Also when we go out i move his cage into the living room for some interaction time between the birds. I let him out of his cage when i get in and can be out for quite a few hours. My question is how is the best way to get them to slightly bond? I know i cannot cage them both within the same cage as macaws are prone to a respiratory disease caused from the african grey but just how is the best way of interacting with the both of them as my macaw gets jelous when i touch the african grey so i have to keep reminding her i love her too HAHA! I have had both birds touching each other and they hit each others beaks together but the size of my macaws beak scars me cause she could easily bite off the african greys feet!! Any hints n tips would be great!! Thanks Mark
  7. i currently have a blue n gold macaw female who is kept in doors in a good size cage. i really wanna get an african grey to put with her. can u?????
  8. Hi peeps, I am really considering moving my B&G Macaw into an outdoor aviary which i am yet to build or buy. Firstly she is only one and a half years old and is kept in a cage in the living room. I love spending time playing with her and trying to keep her entertained but i think when im not there she gets really restless and annoyed. My g/f is at home but she is not a great animal lover so wont spend time with the parrot. I know i will have to climatise her to our outdoor temps as she has never been kept outdoors other than when her wings were clipped and it was a nice sunny day. I was wondering what the process was on climatising a macaw and essential needs for an outdoor aviary i.e a warm inside section made from a garden shed or somin?. Also would she be happy by herself outdoors or im thinking i would really like to get her a companion bird which i would totally show time to also, so as to make her alone times alot better. My garden is limited in space but there is enough to provide a good sized enclosure. Also how would i introduce another b&g macaw to her, or maybe a greenwing or scarlet??? Could i keep an african grey in an aviary with my b&g macaw?? I would be looking at moving her out most probably after xmas. Please as much info as possible would be brill.
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