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  1. I have had a post on my Facebook page an African Grey found in Bolton I think it's on Bolton Bury Wigan Buy Sell Swap Facebook page. Hope this helps
  2. Have a look at Handrearedparrots.co.uk, the ladys name is Maggie. I got my African Grey, Scoobie from her and she genuinely loves her birds. She is in Aberdeenshire were there is lots of room for her birds and other rescue animals. She spoon feeds her babies around the clock, don't know how she does it sometimes. She has rescue birds too, she has amzing stories about these birds. Vee
  3. Can anyone help me contact the two members above. I have tried messaging on here and texting but to no avail. Gary was kind enough to take on my African Grey who had mental health problems when i went to New Zealand. I have tried to find out how he is doing and I knwo he was on the mend. I have returned from New Zealand and would love to know how he is getting on.
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