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  1. Here is the pic (I hope!)...thats not his usual perch by the way, thats just the one on the top of his cage on his playstand.
  2. I will upload a photo onto my photobucket just now. Babes nail is actually growing at an angle then turning back on itself. He is booked into the vets tomorrow so will see what she says. Hopefully just needs trimming , as it seems to grow quicker than the rest for some reason. Maybe I should just keep snipping the ends off myself, if he'll let me.
  3. The big wooden branch is 2" diameter. I have swapped some about & got a new smaller diameter sandy perch, so the main ones he sit on are smaller & sandy. I think I'll take him up the vets this weeks and get his nails trimmed & point out to the vet about this one nail. I am not sure how to put photos on here otherwise I would.
  4. He has fairly large perches in his cages including a sandy one. I might swap it for a smaller diameter tho. He has recently just had his nails trimmed, but maybe I should pop him back & see if she can cut the one thats curling as short as she can without it bleeding.
  5. I have recently noticed that Babe, my BFA's rear nail on his right foot is starting to curl in the way instead of growing straight. Its only that one. I changed all his perches a while ago, & they are quite a bit bigger in diameter. Do you think this could be whats causing it?
  6. Hi, babe my cock blue fronted amazon, is I think feeling a bit lonely at times. Do you think it could be an idea to introduce a female to him, or would this possibly make him go mad???
  7. Tonight he flew off his cage to his stand, & a large feather came out, but still had blood in the end of it. Is this normal?
  8. Thanks. Ye, he is only 5 so hes quite young. Still moulting, and moody, and just noticed, quite horny towards his toys lol.
  9. Hi, babe, my BFA seems to be moulting again. It is normally around easter time he does, but the past few weeks, Ive been finding alot of fluffy feathers, and quite a bit of large feathers on the floor of his cage. Also his head/neck is very "pinny". Is this normal to moult as much as he does?
  10. Thanks everyone. I think I've tried pretty much everything. I've moved his cage into a corner now, he seems to like that better. I think the next thing is to reduce the time i cover him for, to only a few minutes, then praise him, like mandyandflock said. We'll see eh?!!!
  11. Hi I', trying to stop my BFA, Babe from screaming. When he screams, I put him back in his cage & cover him up for approx. 1/2 an hour, but when I uncover him, he soon starts again. Its normally when the baby makes a noise but not always. So I recover him & this sometimes goes on all day. I wont let him out until he is "good", but I sometimes feel guilty. I remember this happened last year about this time, also, he's losing a few feathers at the minute. Could it be "seasonal"?Please help!!!
  12. thanks everyone. he's been doing it again tonight. i'm starting short training sessions every day now. i'm so chuffed, its taken over a year now, but well worth the wait. just got to cure his attitude now ha ha
  13. Good news everyone. I've finally achieved, what I thought, the impossible! Babe has started stepping up onto my hand. He first did it last night just out of the blue. He was sitting on the sofa next to me, & I was fiddling with my camera, then he just stepped up onto my hand to get at the camera. Tonight he has been stepping onto my hand in exhange for a treat. At the minute he is just stepping back down as soon as he gets his treat, but its a start eh!!!
  14. No, but I'm willing to give anything a try
  15. Thanks, Greg Glendell. HE is 31/2 years old. As far as I know he was hand reared, although he is not stepping up yet, but he will let you stroke him, play with him, feed him, he'll come and sit on the sofa with us. Pretty much most things apart from stepping up. I'm trying to train him to, but as soon as he sits on my arm, he either flies off, or holds on to his cage with his beak. He is close rung. He flies about ok, although not much. He raises one foot on request, in return for a treat. He is out of his cage most of the day, then bed at about 9 until about 9/10. Although he is in his cage alot at the minute when he is naughty(screaming). The only other pets we have is fish. Cheers for your interest, I hope you can shed some light.
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