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  1. hi everyone just log in to the forum an saw an african grey as been found i am piffs mum so i have rung the avon constablary an they are trying to ring the man that has kept the cag untill he can find the owner o it would be so nice if it was piff i miss him so much. thank you for this post an the telephone number of the police, im hopeing that it is piff but do not no if the distance where the cag was found could be to far away for it to be him but fingers crossed if it is not piff i do hope that the owner can be found.
  2. i would just like to say thank you to everyone out there looking for piff has i live 200 miles away from where he was lost it is heatbraeking for me not to be able to go looking for him my self. i have done so much advertising posters in a 10 mile radius schools rspca newspaper radio stations police postman even been in touch with a parrot expert. all to no avail. have not had one single sighting of him and i am finding it very hard to deal with my loss theres not one single day since he went that i have not cryed for him. just one sighting of him and i would be down there. just visiting this site is very hard because every time i do i am praying that a cag has been found and that it will be piff, and when theres no news its very upsetting.
  3. hi have have not given up on my piff i love him very much an miss him and would do anythink to get him back i have been havein problems with my pc thats why i have not got back to you somegirl, my printer is not working at the moment my pc wont reloaded it since i have done a sytem restore. i do appricate all what you have done somegirl but feel very hurt to think that i have given up on him
  4. thank you i do hope so to now the leaves are coming of the trees hopefully someone might spot him im praying x
  5. aww so sorry to hear about your parrot hope you get him back soon
  6. ty have had a look dont seem that far away from ruishton so am hopeful
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