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  1. i would give her away if i know she is going to a good home!
  2. thanks for all your advice, i have decided to re-home her. I just feel so sorry that she cant have all the attention as she is used to. Reason being i just dont trust to let her out when my daughter is around. Where is the best place to advertise her? I want someone that can give her the attention she deserves ill miss her though
  3. great advice! it is probably because i dont let her out in the day now. Before, she used to be out all day! She might take some time getting used to this routine. One good thing is that when i go to bed, once the ligths are off, i dont hear a peep off her. I think i have to also learn how to trust her again. she has bitten me in the past, but it was nothing compared to what she did to my daughter! Will kepp you updated
  4. thanks for all of your advice. Her cage is in the living room, facing the window. She isnt getting hot as there is no sun facing the living room, its on the back of the house all day. Its difficult as i dred to walk out of my livingroom knowing shes going to start screaming. and with the stress of kids and work, soemtimes all i need is quietness!lol At one point, ive been tempted to re-home her, but then i look at ther, is swell up! she is too adorable to let go. but also i need to keep the house a safe place for my daughter. She is scared of her now, she wont go too close to the cage. And tbh, sometimes when i open the cage at night, i fo feel a bit uncomfertable as ive heard Parrots can attack a person and do a lot of damage! but she os so cute!!!! lol
  5. i have recently moved house (3wks ago) but this problem started before the move! She never used to be this loud! i just dont know what to do. I cant put up with all the screaming as i not live in a flat and its a nusance. I also cant let her out in the day while my daughter is there, she only comes out at night. She doesnt come and sit with me no more, she used to come and sit on my shoulder. I think she is jelous of my dughter ?
  6. ive had my conure for about 6 months now.She was 16 weeks when I bought her. She was hand reared but it took her a while to let me touch her. After 3 months, she came to me every night and just sat on my shoulder. She’s always been a nipper, but recently she’s been getting aggressive. She bit my 4 year old daughter really hard yesterday and its made me very wary of letting her out! I’ve noticed recently she’s getting angry, there is this toy she has in her cage, she really rags and pulls it and makes like a growling sound (like a dog would!) Also, shes become more loud, if im not in the room, she will scream. Seems like she doesn’t want to be on her own, but when I give her attention, she just bites me, I really don’t know what to do! Do they go through a stage of being like this?
  7. wow! all sounds a bit ott. i know a lot of people that has kept parrots for years and been using the usual household cleaning stuff etc and their parrot is as healthy as ever.
  8. update, she is getting better! shes been out all day today and had pood everywhere! but shes been flying around and coming up to me very close
  9. I havent tried that yet, but ive put a birdie bath in there this evening but she hasnt taken any interest
  10. All i see is a few small white bits. I want to leave her out but as ive only just got her, she is still very shy and wont come near me. She was hand reared by the breeders. If i let her out, when it comes to time to go back in i dont want to stress her by trying to catch her!
  11. thanks everyone for the advice she is getting there. Ive spent hours just sat by the cage chatting to her and today shes been trying to make all sorts of noises and shes more playfull. I do offer her food from my hands daily, but shes not keen. shell get there soon, i just cant wait to stroke her!
  12. ive noticed this evening that something has been annoying my new baby conure! Shes abeen picking her back and flapping her wings very fast!! Its like somethings irritating her! :shock:
  13. thank you very much! I do understand that its upsetting for her to have to leave her family and come alone to a new house and everything is new for her. It was just I know people who has had conures and within a day or two they have been handling then. thats why I got worried that mine is so shy.
  14. sorry, ive just noticed that ive posted this in the wrong section
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