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  1. Thanks for your reply's.. She has eaten half an orange per day both yesterday and today.. I only got her yesterday. Will ration her!!I have read about the detrimental effects of too much citrus fruit but could not find an answer to 'how much is too much'!!!
  2. Hi, my Macaw really loves oranges and cant get enough of them.. I am wondering how many is too many (a day)? I dont want to deprive her but also don't want to make her ill....
  3. Hi Pippy, just had a look at your photos they both look very happy....and it doesn't seem to bother them much thats good to know cheers Lee
  4. Good question not sure of the answer though....Im thinking of buying a Macaw that only has three toes on each foot, the owners going to call me later so i will find out then. gathering from all that i have read today i think its probaly going to have lost them to a parent or sibling. cheers.....
  5. Good afternoon everyone, has anyone got or heard of any parrots being born with 3 toes and can it cause any other health problems in later life? is it rare, common ive not heard of it before. cheers Lee.
  6. Hi again thanks for the welcomes and thanks for the vets numbers Freddie, hopefuly i wont need them now she seems to of stopped sneezing. Probaly just a feather up her nose....! cheers Lee.
  7. Hi, does anyone know of an avian vet in or near Tiverton, Devon. Cheers Lee.
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