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  1. I will don't worry and it won't be yours!! Believe what you want. As already stated I am not 2 people or even 3, this is getting real boring, but good diversion tactics by yourself. Carry on.....
  2. The problem is we are not singing from your hymn sheet or dancing to your tune. Shame really that you are all closed books and only see one side. Play a different record regarding the IP's, getting boring now. Don't quote the bible again either, there is only one judge which is God. I can't see any christian values on this forum.
  3. well here we go again, next I will be Peter, Reptile Richard etc . Does it really matter who I am. Good diversion tactics though....
  4. Of course you know about those "outrageous rumours" because you've read them here! What if someone were to take you to the very taxidermist in North Wales that was used? Would the claims still be dismissed as "outrageous rumours" I think you are working off rumors myself Caron. Where is the evidence of it then?
  5. Oh and before I forget my friend was down at NPS a few days back and they have now got 4 cockatoo aviaries. By the way Peter I loved the BBC 1 Animal 24/7 this morning as well. Thought it was very good. For anyone that was to see it you just have to google it.
  6. If GG is a qualified parrot behaviorist can he not come on here and defend Mr Flowers or explain why Mr Flowers done what he did? Can he explain why they put a Umbrella Cockatoo in with a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo? The difference in size alone and being two males says it all. It would be nice to see GG on here again
  7. I am a female, thought we had established this earlier in the post. An NO I am not Peter either. Was wondering when this old chestnut would be brought up again. I think you are getting very paranoid.
  8. Gem, I suggest you download the software and do the same as the rest of us.
  9. Please see pictures below and these are also in my photo bucket, in there is pictures from Aug 2009 (I think) taken by CW_Litster saying how dirty the water was. Me personally, I don;t think the water is. [/url]
  10. Did we not cover this yesterday and I think I advised you to post on the NPS Forum. Can you not ask fannyann as she confirmed it was there? I must say I think your concern for Zoe's welfare is very good.
  11. GG, I think you are taking this a bit too far, don't you?
  12. What do you want to see then? They are healthily birds looking good - don't you agree? I understand your concerns.
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