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  1. Yes Jenny will tell next doors dog to shut up,she also sounds like me.
  2. Yes he has apple tree twigs in the aviary and one of his perches is a branch, I think he may be a she although his name is Wilf, I have been reading about the iris being reddish in the female and his/hers are.
  3. I have just had a look at the link for NPS that was put on earlier in the post, OMG I now have tears flowing, those poor birds unloved, to think they were once someones pets, the poor little thing that was singing probably as the owner had once done to him/her, we all know the saying a dog is for life and not just for Christmas, what about parrots who live a lot longer, when people have been to our house and seen the way Wilf has his cuddles in my dressing gown they will say I would love one, I know they wont be suitable owners so put them off.
  4. O.M.G the whole photo has gone on, i will have to wait until my son comes around, any how this is Wilf showing off in the caravan.
  5. Thanks, I am hopeless with the lap top, not much better with a pencil though ;-)
  6. Jenny is our five year old African Grey who like most of you know with you own Parrots can say things at the most awkward moment, last week we had a young man in who was tiling our kitchen when Jenny let out a loud BRRRRRPPPP sounding like someone parting with wind, the young man popped his head around the door and said that wasn't me it was the parrot, I couldn't say anything for laughing, we had had a whoopee cushion and she had picked up on the noise, I didn't tell him so I just winked at him you should have saw how red his face was. When we had a gang of men laying the garden flags I would make bacon on toast plus tea and coffee in the morning before they started work, I had just finished clearing all the dishes when Jenny shouted do you want a cuppa, three teas, two coffee, can I have a cold drink came the reply I felt like gagging Jenny for the rest of the day.
  7. http://s905.photobucket.com/albums/ac251/bigbirds2/Wilf%20And%20Jenny/ These are the photo's I have put on upto now.
  8. Wilf is five years old, I have had him from being six months of age, I went into a local pet shop to purchase toys for our then 12 weeks old African Grey, who is named Jenny, Wilf was in a large wooden cage with an older but smaller type Cockatoo (Yellow Crest) the other bird was sat on him pecking his head and back, I approached the shop owner and told him about the problem with the bullying, his reply was it will learn to fight back, I insisted that Wilf was removed from the cage and put on his own, I stood in the shop until this was done, I was awake all night then thinking about this poor little might being punished, the day after I went back with a money in hand and brought him home. I will try with the calling to him, and forage feeding and let you know how we get on, I find him worse when our youngest son comes in he's 21 years Wilf hates him and has done from the day I brought him home, yet Jenny loves him she will walk over and flip on her back for a belly scritch, he can do anything with her we have to be careful as too what mood she is in. I have put some photo's on with photobucket but don't know how to get them on with each post.
  9. Thanks, I will try that, you are right he does have me well trained ;-) crafty so and so.
  10. I have put some photo's in the photobucket but don't know how to make it come on with every post, can anyone help please.
  11. The only way I can calm him is to speak softly and quietly, this morning I was up at 6.30 am, I uncovered the birds and after a few minutes let Wilf out, I made breakfast and took him into the living room with me and we shared breakfast, we both sat watching a program (the rest of the family don't like) for nearly two hours, he started his panting dropping his wings whilst he was doing it, do I let him continue to do this or try to put him off by distracting him, he was then put on his cage while I cleaned them both out and fed them, I put him back in his cage to eat his own breakfast while I went for a shower, within minutes of getting undressed the screaming started, I don't want to shout to him as he might think one shouts we'll all shout, I came back in the room and silence not a toot or peep, I think it's my faul as we used to have a static caravan and he came with me every time I went, even on the train, not being bothered by anything he isn't a nervous fellow that is if he is a fellow, I do appreciate the replies as I am worried about complaints from the neighbours.
  12. I am with The birds all day, I am in the same room unless I am cleaning elsewhere, I leave the t.v on when I am in the house so they can catch up on their favourite programs (ha ha) they don't go in the aviary together as they don't get on, they have a couple of hours each, weather permitting, the other would be in their cage by the side of the aviary, we have tried to introduce them to one another, Wilf hates Jenny he will climb off his cage and try to get at her, sneaking past me crest down as if I can't see him, if I say get back he will go back to his own cage, I have been told not to stroke him past his head as he drops his wings opens his beak and pants, I was told it was a sexual behaviour, he loves to lie in my arms and be loved but I don't want it to be harmful to his health.
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