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  1. hi mertyn i myself have 2 clipped birds but for several reasons all my rest are fully flighted, I only asked to make sure with the clipping as it does happen alot with scams, obviousley you are well aware and clued up:) I canot comment really on clipping its each to there own, i prefer mine fully flighted unless there is a reason to clip, there are a few wing clips some good some bad any clips i do still enable the bird to fly just not get the hight they need, im sure your little one will turn out just fine with time, keep me informed let me know how he is doing
  2. i agree with the misting, my 3 greys prefer to be misted with warm water and aloe vera, but my sennie and conures love to jump in the sink and do it themselves, i even find them trying to do it in there water bowels at times:). depends what sort of clip he has had to how good he can fly, usually they can still fly but not gain the hight needed, but remember there feathers can grow back quick. As for fruit and veg i would carry on offering different things, i have one fussy grey and he always has been but if i offer corn on the cob or an apple on a scewer instead of chopped up he devowers it. Good luck with him paitience and time is the key
  3. i agree david....my first thoughts was sold as a handtame baby, but is not, more an avairy bird clipped, hope this is not the case it happens to much
  4. can i ask if you bought him as a hand reared baby and was he clipped before you got him?
  5. i myself thought they were a good idea, i had one for my grey, but one day the fastener became a little loose and he got himself all trapped up in it....would use again, for one he could of injured himself and secondley got forbid he got out of it and flew away....really check them before every use to make sure youre little darlings havnt had a chew at parts of it:)....but a great way for your birds to see the great outdoors without being clipped
  6. unfortunatly a certain breeder in cumbria has been hit a few times over the years,no matter how good the securtiy is and how improved each time, i myself have 8 parrots here, for one they would have to know how to handle them to pinch them as some are not the most friendly, if i go out on an evening odd times i leave the light and tv on, but i never go out at set times to make it obvious, i dont boast about owning parrots to people i dont know, also i have small padlocks on my cages, more to stop the little darling greys figuring how to get out, so any thief would need cutters to get them, and my tools are kept in the shed that is padlocked and shed keys hidden, so would make it more difficult just to come in and take them, not great security but even the little things can make a big difference
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