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  1. it can miaow from both but eat using only one
  2. can I ask who has been recently and seen his entire set up ? I am afraid no amount of discussion would alter my opinion of this man - he breeds birds for money - nothing else just money
  3. Hi Lea good to see you on here its a great site. So pleased Molly is getting there she deserves all the attention and she is lucky to have you hun -hope you have recovered from your visit lol Can't wait to see what piccies you decide to put up- have you seen the thread on the NPS Take care Ali
  4. I agree give the bird time -so stressful for them moving as it is for us - well done though
  5. yet people still think its a good thing to do -unbelievable and we are apparently a nation of animal lovers
  6. sorry to hear of your plight but some superb tips from everyone that I think we can all utilise in this current economic climate
  7. Hello Lea and welcome from me too I know off a Lea who took on a very poorly too and has worked wonders with it - Pams freind ??
  8. The thing I find so sad about the zoo in question is the fact that birds that have been used to such a different envronment etc are placed into an aviary and left there -no cuddles ,company etc etc. We all know they is much more to birds than food, shelter and water
  9. lovely so good to hear and well done
  10. oh how exciting they are such fabulous characters one of my personal favourites
  11. Just saying hi and joined as hoping to help - love a birds to be honest and have been involved with rescuing them now for over 20 years
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