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  1. my mate has kept and bred a lot of exotic mammals before. he had a group of cotton top tamarins but had to get rid of them as they were getting unsettled with people going past them in the shop. he also has a large colony of pygmy marmosets. he knows what hes doing with them. i cant wait to get the bird home. would you recommend a cage with a playpen on top of it or a separate playpen???
  2. thanks very much guys for the well wishes cant wait to get it home on monday. no you need dwa to keep lemursand my mate has a pet shop licence and his own personal dwa for home. its such a nice little thing wish i had the space and the money for one.
  3. well i was up at my mates shop today and at the weekend he got a ring tailed lemur and his senegal (the one that made me want to get a parrot) has been huffing with him, so he just started to tell me how him and the missus are going to have to let it go as its not getting the attention needed i said ill take it so i get to pick up my senegal on monday after the wedding is over and done with. im so excited lol
  4. im very sorry to hear that mate
  5. i would appreciate commiserations (sp) instead of congratulations on the wedding. lol only joking thanks very much guys. i wasnt really meaning what their screech was like i mean how often are they noisey is it a lot of the time??
  6. it wont be ready til after the wedding. im quite worried about the noise tho i was hoping you lot were going to say they werent too bad lol. i live in a flat and dont really wanna annoy the neighbours, are they that loud?? i take it they wont be noisy at night if it has a cage cover on??
  7. well some of you may have seen my parrotlet thread but i decided to stuff that idea(pardon the pun) when my mate told me he was gettin hand tame sun conures in soon for about 200-250 does this seem reasonable? Is it true conures are a very noisy littlt bird? Me and the missus are buyin it as our weddin present as we are getting married next thursday woohoo im excited.
  8. thanx everyone where is sweepiesmum at as im in northern ireland. The guy from the shop that i first heard about celestials from has been in touch and says they are young birds so should settle quickly.
  9. somehow i cant see the bite seeming as sore now as it did when i was younger. i was kinda set on a senegal but the missus really likes the celestials. cheers for the sites they are great.
  10. no ive never had a parrot before kept a budgie when i was young and had 2 canaries. also had a cockatiel but it lasted one day and then went back to the shop coz it bit me lol (i was only little lol) was in a shop looking at some well they were parrotlets the woman workin didnt know what type coz the owner was not in. she said they could not be tamed. i really want a parrot but living in a flat kinda puts the idea of an african grey out the window. would you recommend a celestial as a first parrot??
  11. great thanx very much. what roughy is the time scale for the taming process is it days weeks or months or does that vary greatly from bird to bird??
  12. thanx very much and back up to the first post is it difficult to tame them down. if i find out if it can be done then i can use the links to do it but there is no point in me reading your links if the bird cant be tamed
  13. this forum is great for getting these links posted they do not answer my question in the slightest. i asked can a celestial parrotlet be tamed down if its not hand reared
  14. well hopefully ill get a bit of discount off it if hes in a nice mood lol. anyone got any help on the taming side of things i dont want a psychotic bird.
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