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  1. Hi there was reading parrot mag december issue and notice school kids found an african grey in Huddersfield and it is now at a local vet waiting for owner to come along Know it is probably too far but thought id mention it xx
  2. Thats good going for the short period he has been with you ....................... AYE GET THE PICS ON you will need to put them on photobucket first xx
  3. Hi there although a different kind of amazon and an orange winged one at that, my Gizmo was exactly the same as your wee bird and now six months later im reaping the benefits of having the best companion i could ever wish for.... Gizmo has come to trust me and just recently lets my flatmate scratch his head, which is great going considering he appears not to like her and takes the mickey out of her lol To start with i did work with Gizmo in another room and he gave me a few bites, i supposed id be the same if all of a sudden id ended up in my fourth home in five years. I admit i pushed him at times, which did help a little but on reflection letting Gizmo come of his own has worked best. Providing him with a life based as if he is living in the amazon lol, like foraging for food, fighting with spring greens, chewing branches connected to his cage as if he were on a tree, giving him cuddles, playing with him, letting him learn or relearn tricks THE LIST IS ENDLESS, i can now say that ive gained his trust and know there is so much more to come. Gizmo was initially quiet on coming home for three/ four weeks then the honeymoon period was over, trust me, noisy, attempting to get me to live my life around him lol. However, with patience and time Gizmo knows what behaviour is acceotable NOT THROUGH NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT BUT POSITIVITY ALL THE TIME he now steps up (not all the time) but does, he has got into a routine whereby he appears to want to come through to the living room. Never be impatient let him take his time to trust you. I have read somewhere that amazons are one of the most difficult parrots to rehome. The funniest thing i find about Gizmo is when he shouts NO when i ask him to do something lol Gizmo will tell me in his own way when he doesnt want to do something and i leave him, going back later xx Good luck with your wee man, whats his name xxx
  4. I got these guy's DVD on trial and i would have to say that i agree with you fully that if done right they work they really do. My Gizmo who is five and OWA also has picked up or perhaps relearned the tricks on the first dvd eg waving hello, turning around, shaking his head. He does the latter without asking sometimes lol ' Give me a sunflower sees lol' I was a bit dubious at first as their adverts are a bit cheesy to say the least. however i find that not rigid sessions but revisiting tricks thorughout the day and repeating these is best especially for Gizmo who doesnt like to be told what to do ha ha. He gets excited when he is doing tricks and seems to enjoy the praise and treats he gets xx
  5. A.Gizmo Orange Winged Amazon B.Told he is male, does prefer females C.Right foot D.Millet spray, again the things he shoudnt have sunflower seeds, monkey nuts (only gets these as treats) Sweetcorn, peas, toast, yoghurt ( esp blackberry, rapsberry), apple, small orange segments, anything im eating for tea lol WHAT DOES HE NOT EAT MESSY AMAZON LOL Good luck with your project xx
  6. Welcome hope you enjoy the site its great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gizmo loves low fat yoghurts and cereals lie rice crispies, again his poop looks normal lol
  8. When Gizmo my OWA came to live with me six months ago he came from a sunflower seed mix diet only ! I was advised to get adult lifetime coarse for Gizmo who is five. His condition improved dramatically within one month when given a handful of these pellets every day. I still feed him a few every day and he does take them crunching away lol This only makes up a very small amount of his diet alongside fruit, veg and treats. I cant say a bad word against Harrisons xx
  9. Thanks to Evie who i took Gizmo to visit last weekend, very welcoming as were Gonzo and Jaz lol I can now go away knowing that both Gizmo and Scooter my tiel will be well looked after xx
  10. Have to get one i thinks lol Gizmo will like it i think !!!
  11. Great information there my Gizzie loves pomegranate xx
  12. Hi there was wondering if there is anyone out there prepared to sit my amazon Gizmo from 23/11/08 until 02/12/08 ?? I live in Fife and would really appreciate someone with experience of amazons xx Ta PAULINE
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