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  1. All I was suggesting was that good house-keeping is a plus point. When one has had a Mynah Bird for many years as I did - you are forever cleaning up. Birds like a clean cage and spoiling.
  2. Hi I would hope to think that someone caring would want to ask the right questions when finding a new home for any pet. I am looking for a Bird, but I would be whole - heartedly disappointed if questions about every aspect of its welfare weren’t asked. The price always comes a poor second in my book. Peter
  3. It must be very difficult for those finding a new home for their loving Bird if the situation should arise - due to life’s unforeseen circumstances. We had to find a home for a dog on one occasion, but we made certain the people who took her had a house that was ***** and span first and foremost. Good housekeeping and the right person/s are an absolute must and I wonder how others feel about the 100% importance of the above. Peter :shock:
  4. This Black Bird has a funny way of applauding. He always leads any of his children to my back door which is a bloody lovely cheek. Peter
  5. Hi I had Greater Hill Mynah Bird and he came from Derby Zoo when he was about 16 weeks old. What a character he was. He used to almost balance a grape like a Seal and they are all ears...aren't they very much...? Peter
  6. Hi Thanks for your comments. I love all birds and as I am writing this I have a Black Bird tapping on the window for breakfast who thinks I am Tesco on Wheels. I know if I bide my time I will find the right Parrot - or they will find me! Peterprincessellieprincessellie
  7. Hi Freddie Just a figure of speech! The perfect match is the owner and their life - long friend. I find it interesting reading all the posts, and learning from others, because the lesson never ends. Peter
  8. Hi Thanks to everyone for your kind advice. Giving a great home to an older bird is now a far stronger point. All birds love their feathers spoilt... and I married a beauty. I will wait and see what develops via the board and I am sure success will see a match. One thing is for sure – it will have a secure and loving life. Thanks Peter
  9. Hi -- to the board. I am looking for an African Grey Parrot and a cage to match if possible and would appreciate any help and advice either the Admin or the members may be kind enough to offer me...! I had a Mynah Bird for many years, which became a wonderful friend and fully understand the attention such birds both love and need. I have been reading up on this particular Parrot for many months and it is not a spur of the moment purchase. Perhaps someone may think I could take on an older bird. Thanks for any advice offered. Regards Peter Teesside
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