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  1. The wound is healing up nicely now, and although scruffy looking she has feathers about to pop down the sides of her breast. Making sure she has Bioplus too, help get the good bacteria back after the antibiotics. We stuck the baytril in fruit. Thanks folks, much appreciated :wink:
  2. Just the usual problem Jan, little git got an infection this time but she seems to do well with it bandaged so we're going to try that too. She was talking when she had her injection and kept saying "Calla's a good girl"...lol I'll give the fruit idea a go. She squawked her heart out when toweled and bit the syringe in half. Luckily I had a spare. Thanks everyone. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Hey, My too saw the vet yesterday as she has an infection (long story). Anyway, we need to give her 0.4mg of Baytril twice a day over the weekend until Tuesday/wednesday. I need some advice on how to give it to her. She's already trashed one syringe and even toweling her doesnt help, just stresses her out. She wont go near a spoon either. Can I mix it with water or something and if so what would be the amounts? Cheers
  4. I havent been there for years and there wasnt as many stands or people as the last time. Plenty of smaller birds but not many parrots. Still managed to spend £80 on the birds and met up with the lady who bred Calla (she's 'Rockyrobin' on here) which was awesome. Oh yeah and my cars exhaust fell off on the M6 on the way home
  5. I have a Ringneck (pic in sig). J.D is coming up for nine now, was handreared and came to live with us when he was 10 weeks. He'd not cuddly tame, although will let us stroke him and he can be a very noisy little git. Apart from that he's great. He can speak quite a few words, will eat most things and will fly to or from us on command. I'm also clicker training him at the moment and he's responding quite well.
  6. Calla has done this every moult since her first moult. It started with a large pin feather that was driving her mad. She chewed a small wound around it and before the vet had chance to pull it (there was a slight infection) she did it herself. We have the same thing every year but now it almost seems like she's like it all the time. Healthy and happy in all other respects. Now the gloves are coming off and we WILL get it sorted. With this thread now opened and other people experiencing similar things I'm sure we can all help each other find a way of getting them sorted once and for all!
  7. Or like this... Quicklink at the bottom, dog lead thingy fixing it to the bars of the cage.
  8. Its been a long time since I've been to the Stafford show, years probably. I've seen on the Parrot Societies site where you can buy 'advance tickets' allowing you entry at 10.00am and saving a quid or two. Does the show open at that time, or are people with advance tickets allowed to walk pretty much straight in earlier? Also does anyone know if they send the tickets through the mail etc and if there is a cut-off period for ordering them online? Appologies for the daft questions :roll: (threads merged by moderator)
  9. The best method we found is to remove the little swingable disc and put a quick link through the hole. Then you can attach one of those bits of kit that you get on the end of dog leads (cant remember their name) so that the end that opens fixes around one of the bars of the cage. That way its easy enough to open when you need to but secure enough for the bird. Edit: Whoops, just seen the pic of the feeders, so you might be able to change it around a bit to work.
  10. I'm scared now :? We did loads of research before we got Calla (about a years worth) and found an awesome breeder up in Cumbria. To say I was aprehensive was an understatement. But we've given her the best care that we can and always do our best to make sure her physical and mental needs are met. I'm now worried she's going to end up mutilating herself or something
  11. Thanks, thats awesome I've had a good read and now my brain hurts!
  12. She's done it every year since her first moult. She had a blood feather that was causing her grief so she chewed a wound around it. The vet wanted to pull the feather in question but she did it herself before they had chance. There was a slight infection in the wound, despite our best efforts, so she had to have medication for it. She has chewed a small wound or two at every moult since then. We've been unable to stop her but have used creams and chew repelents to stop her making it too bad. This year I've noticed the 'patch' has got bigger so I'm determined to stop her doing it once and for all. She's happy and healthy in every other respect and is a pleasure to own, but thats bugging us now and we want to get it sorted. I'll have to post some pics etc. Cheers :wink:
  13. Hey, Thought I'd ask you guys for some feeding suggestions for my 'Too and Ringneck. Both have been on Jungle Munchies (amazon/cockatoo and cockateil) plus fruit and veg etc. I've been doing a lot of reading while I've been lurking and since I joined, and I feel that I can vastly improve both their diets. Also feeling very crap as I feel I should know this :oops: I'd like to offer a good quality seed mix to both and include something like Harrisons and obviously fruit and veg. I must admit I havent really given them pulse mixes and sprouted seeds (hindsight eh?) so I'd like to include those. If anyone has any tips on those, good mixes, suppliers etc I'd be very grateful. I'd love to hear what you guys feed your Toos and ringnecks. If you guys could point me in the right direction that would be ace? Not looking for the cheapest or the easiest, just the best. Obviously these are the things I have googled etc so please dont think I'm being slack, but I'd really like to know what you guys would suggest. Cheers muchly :wink:
  14. I've had J.D since he was ten weeks old and Calla since she was 18 weeks old. J.D's a noisy little git and Calla has a small bald patch on her chest (something I hope to sort) but apart from that they're awesome. Calla is the best behaved animal we have and we have loads...lol
  15. Hey, Thought I'd sign up to this forum and introduce myself. Currently being owned by two birds, Calla, a seven year old Umbrella Cockatoo and J.D whos an eight year old Lutino Indian Ringneck. Hopefully I'll be able to learn plenty of things to help improve their quality of life and make some online aquaintances in the process. Vase Calla J.D (talking to his foot!)
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