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  1. I've registered him with the RSPCA , he's quite friendly and finger and stick trained, he's a very small little budgie. Thanks for you help and advice.
  2. I know this is probably useless but my adorable little budgie, Georgie, escaped today, we're really upset he's a blue spangle male and very small with a bit of a dodgy leg. He's escaped from Halesowen West Midlands. Any sighting please let us know. He would groom our African Grey Archie. He's a very special little Budgie. Thank you
  3. hubby says he's on a months trial! He loves him really. Thank you again
  4. yes I'd thought of fostering him then I would be sure he wouldn't get sold down the line. But after receiving all these great ideas today I will take him with me and see how we go. Thanks very much for all your help x
  5. I wasn't keen on the winging clipping idea as he loves to have a good swoop screaming as he goes. I can handle him so can my husband and my sons, he's a very sweet sociable bird. Although he has his moments when he doesn't want to go back in his cage, on the whole he steps up when asked and sometimes flies to me when asked 'come fly'. Although when he's on the high areas he can be difficult to get down. You've given me some great ideas. Thank you. Hopefully we can take him on a trial bases and I'll do what you have suggested re the rope swings etc. One other thing though. Do you have any ideas on toilet training? I did try that to minimise mess when out of cage time when I first got him but it never quite worked. I could with some tips now if we're going to take him Thanks
  6. I would definitely have more time when I get to the new place as at the moment I have to travel 40 miles round trip for my horse so I don't have the time to spend with Archie as i would like, this has been going on for a good year. So Archie's out time is spent a lot sitting up high on door frames chomping a way!! He's also got quite dominant probably because I've allowed him to sit above us all the time! My husband suggested perhaps having his wings clipped initially. That way we could take him and perhaps like you said re-train him. What are the feelings on wing clipping? As I've had Archie since he was 12 weeks old and he's always been allowed free flight. Thanks
  7. Thanks but it isn't a point of sweet talking as I agree with him regarding the damage that Archie would do to the rental property, we both agree that if a solution isn't found he will have to be re-homed sadly. So i will probably be on my way to that forum soon...........
  8. Family want me to keep him but can't offer him a home. My son, who he adores is in the army, so he can't have him either. So I'm a bit stuck....
  9. Hi Need some advice. I'm due to move into rental accommodation at the end of June. I was looking to have to sadly re-home my 3 year old Grey Archie, but terrified at the thought of him ending up been passed from home to home as many Greys do. I'm desperate to keep him but as my husband says we can't have him chewing door frames etc as he has done in our house! I can take pets to my new house, I'm taking my rescue greyhound, my horse (paddock attached) and my budgie. Desperate for ideas as time is running out, any help/solution greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thank you very much for your help but sadly that wasn't Jenny but at least one lucky cockatiel is in the warm while it waits for it's owner to find him. That one was grey. We will keep searching
  11. Thank you very much. We will check the RSPCA and the local papers at the weekend
  12. My son has just rung me and their pet Cockatiel Jenny has just flown out of the window - my grandson is devastated. Halesowen/Clent Hills area. I thought there was an RSPCA line you could ring re lost birds but I can't find it. Anyone see a cockatiel in the area please let me know. Thank You
  13. Ok thank you for that, do you know anywhere else that might board my grey?
  14. Ok thanks - I'll try and find it at the weekend
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