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  1. andree

    seed Junkie

    Hi all hope you are all having a great weekend. I would be really happy if anyone has any experience in converting a seed junkie! Alfie is a nine year old double yellow headed amazon I paid a fortune to rescue him from terrible conditions in a pet shop and worth every penny(or Euro ) we have bonded well it took a few weeks even to get him to play with toys as he had never had any and all he has ever been fed is a sunflower seed mix. 6 weeks on and he will take a little scrambled egg and a tiny piece of banana if feed from my mouth to his... Thats it!!! he wont touch amazon seed mix fresh fruit or veg just spits it out. Help Please! I know from all the books that it takes a lot of time but none of them tell you how to go about it.
  2. If any one wants to visit spain I have hundreds of them growing in the garden... free to all!!! My Parrot Alfie An Amazon wont touch them... I have only had him about 6 weeks and prior he was a seed junkie I am really at my wits end trying to get him on to fruit and veg.... any advice PLEASE
  3. Hi my name is Andree and I live in the Andalucian Mountains with my 10 dogs 30 semi wild cats 70+ budgies and canaries and my wonderfull Parrot Alfie. Alfie is a 9 yr old double yelloe headed amazon that i have just rescued from poor conditions in a pet shop. I have had him 6 weeks now and we have bonded well. I will have many questions for the forums I am sure but would like to say that having spent hours reading all the topics I think the advice and kindness shown by the members is amazing and I am very happy to be a member. I look foeward to joining in and thank you in advance for your help and advice. I hope I will be a supporting menber
  4. andree

    Heater (for winter birdroom)

    Hi everybody I have just joined parrot -link as I have my very first parrot he is called alfie and we both live in Spain along with 10 dogs 70 + budgies and canaries and 30 semi- wild cats that i feed and nurture. Alfie is a 9 yr old double yellow headed amazon that I have rescued from poor conditions in a pet shop. I am building a garden room for him which should be finished by christmas until then he is in my bedroom. As we live in the Andalucian Moutains it can get very cold here and are larger rooms are heated by wood fire and smaller with calor gas heaters am am concerned that this will affect him with any fumes etc any advice would be gratefully received.