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  1. how oftern are you and your family in the same room as him and how old is he he seems to think he is the boss as a child would so he needs reaffirming as were he is in the pecking order. the reason i asked how old he is has he gone though Adolescence yet
  2. how can i stop him attacking everyone he feels fretend so the only way is to have him in a room were there are a lot of people and try and get people to sit next to the cage so he will see there is no need to get upset. this will take time but it should work
  3. Grays will react to what you do so he may think it's a game tell him no in a louder voice just to let him know your the boss. if he do's happen to bite your hand do not fuss him and let him know your not happy with him. hope this work for you
  4. isolated Not in same cage or averiy
  5. Did you put your baby grey straight outside ?, if so was he kept outside before ? and also did you put your baby grey in with your breeding age grey?, sorry for so many questions but it could help to find out what happened to your little baby. it was not a baby we just called it baby it was a male about 6 years old. no it did not go stright outside. it was kept next to the other gray (this one only 3 years so not a breeder) and cockatoo. the breeder said it was kept in a garage so it was use to beening in doors
  6. I would like to say thanks to all for your responce the thing about the pm i did not think about that (silly me)so had shamrock insinerated. i am trying to get in touch with the breeder. also any bird i get always gets isolated from other birds so peppy and henry should be ok. Also looking for a new Vet if any one knows of someone in wolverhampton. I am now going to stafford show to see if i can get a breeding pair. Any one know the sort of price they go for at stafford. again thanks to all
  7. Well it's happened my first has gone lets start at the begin, I have been keen on Parrots for a long time, every time I went to a Zoo I would head for the parrots. Then a few years ago I had the opportunity to buy an African Gray who we called henry, that lead to a cockatoo named peppy to whom we gave our harts to, anyway I decided to try my hand at breeding African Gray's so I got as much money as I could find bought a double breeding cage,sorted an aviary in the garden and so on. I was all set for my first occupant, First things first I thought the best person to buy form were some established breeders, so I searched the internet and started e-mailing as many breeders as I could, but with no a vale. then finally after a month of trying I found a single male that was of breeding age, but was some 200 miles away. after talking with this breeder for some time we agreed to meet half way the next morning. That night I was tossing and turning just like a kid of 5 looking forward to the first time at school, just could not Waite, but the morning soon came so off we went to meet our first African Gray breeder, well after an hour or so we got there and so was our new baby, a little scuffy I thought, but our scuffy baby, after asking what he eats etc (as much info as I could get) we set back home. We decided to call him Shamrock as he was so shabby. but he soon settled in to his new home. And one week later 6/10/08 I came back home early and decided to give all the birds a good clean, so after sorting the cockatoo it was Shamrock's turn, I walked in and there he was at the bottom of his cage I though the worst had happened but noticed his shallow breathing so all upset I ran to my wife shouting my god his going to die. after calming down my wife realised what I was going on about so she went to have a look. mean wile I got on the phone to my vet they said bring him straight away, so a towel around he body and off we went. we had travelled about 1 mile away from our home when shamrock let out an awful cry and he had gone. my wife and I looked at each other and the tears were trickling down our face's, we had lost our new family member. yes I know we only had him for a week but my god you get attached fast. I have asked my self was it some thing I had done, can my other baby's die as well. but no matter how much I blame my self, for what I do not know. It will not bring him back, so it's back to saving again and I just hope that when I buy my next African Gray breeders the same fate do's not happen to them. God Bless Shamrock
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