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  1. Hi, don't want to alarm you but I am with Alan.H and threeladdies, please get to the vet ASAP and get checked over. The bird should not be doing the amount of yawning that it is doing in the video. If caught early it can be easily fixed. Birds do not yawn like the one in the video. Hope you enjoy your new baby, he looks like he will be a cutie.
  2. No home treatment – Please take to a vet IMMEDIATELY. There is a risk of shock, infection etc setting in, it also looks like a serious wound.
  3. Have a look at what you saying, are you really for real? No, I'm more than a caretaker not that its your business.. Oh are you looking for fame on here now as your facebook got closed down. When you have something sensible and constructive to say, come back to me.
  4. No, for real, you have no idea what you are doing. You have no idea what is harmfull or not. What to let your bird do or not do. Just like playing with a metal lid. But keep going.........
  5. Again, your usual childish response from you. You have no idea what I do or not do for the NPS. But I will conrtinue to help them anyway I can. Like I said before, There will always be a place for yours there..... you never know whats round the corner....
  6. Oh question for you, do you really think it is a good idea to let the parrot lick the window? What about the cleaning products used to clean the windows etc, do you not think these would be harmful to the parrot. Seems like you have alot to learn.........
  7. Once again, another stupid statement that cannot be quantified.
  8. And you are qualified to make this statement are you? Also this coming from a woman, sorry her other half who was willing to sell her bird at the first hurdle and after only having him 4-5 weeks!!! Oh and before you ask I have been rescuing parrots for over 17 years plus and have seen the devastation at first hand from bad used birds to breeders rejects after they have over breed them too much. Now, when you have had a little more experience in the parrot world and can understand what really goes on out there come back at me. So now stop stirring things up again when it is really not needed.
  9. Are you serious!!! How much do you think it takes to run the NPS? It’s not run on fresh air, now get a grip and stop being stupid. Nothing has changed and you must remember things evolve & change, that’s the way. For reference here is their new site : http://www.parrotsanctuary.co.uk/
  10. Just had a look at the links. Some very pics of the aviaries there. http://www.parrotline.org/open.htm
  11. Apologies for not posting under right thread but it is now locked. I think people should see and need an answer from GG about his association with Wesley Flowers and Barney’s death because it has something to do with the report. You all seem to hold him with high esteem but this is how much GG knows about the welfare of parrots. He is NOT fit to write a report about welfare and he should stick to what he knows!! JUST the behaviour side NOT the welfare!
  12. last time I checked this was about the following, not me NPS - National Parrot Sanctuary - to start breeding Parrots?
  13. Eh..... I told you to ask Fannyann who I am, she knows. Read the message above correctly
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