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  1. Dont like to say much about Harry as I consider him a friend of mine and my Sinbad was bred by him - I have visited his farm several times , watched him hand rearing babies - those knarled farmers hands are so gentle when he feeds them - it is amazing. Sinbad was kept in a large upstairs room in an old farm house along with his 3 siblings and Harry gave me the choice of the one I wanted. In the next room was a Moluccan Cockatoo which he was fostering 'cos the bird got too stressed when it lived with its owner - why I dont know - but this bird loved Harry to bits and when Harry handed him to me he was lovely and cuddly and so gentle - the bird I mean! The rooms where all whitewashed out with ropes and things hanging everywhere for the birds to play on. When he went into the room the birds literally flew to him and were all over him. The floor was not as clean as it could have been but there was food everywhere in bowls and fruit and veg available. The outside aviaries were amazing - little hampsters and furry things running around the grass and huge flying space - there were palm cockatoos in there with some Hahns Macaws next door. I know he possibly broke the law in an unforgivable way but by God he suffered for it the police (armed ), the customs and goodness knows who else landed mob handed - the birds were all bundled into unsuitable containers - they even took females off eggs they were hatching and more than 60% of the birds died whilst in the care of whoever had them. He still has not got all of the surviving birds back to this day.Sorry I know you are all more knowlegable than me about Parrots and have different opinions, but surely the birds wouldnt love him so much if he was all bad. Pam
  2. My Sinbad always holds his overnight and when I uncover him in the morning I always say 'poop' to him and he does! I was hoping this would make him easier to train to do it in his cage, but no - He lets go whenever and wherever he happens to be - I have often laughed at myself for following him around with a newspaper hoping to catch any that are heading for my new carpet, my avarage is only about 1 in 5!!! Pam
  3. I live on a pensioners estate up here in the sticks (!) and the houses behind us are private. One of them had a huge apple tree that some branches came over into our street. They never picked any of the apples, they rotted on the branches. I saw them out in their garden last year and asked if they pruned the tree please could I have some branches to go in my aviary - they said yes but later on in the year they dug the tree out and burned alll the branches - nice people they were theyve moved and I am glad!! Pam
  4. I went to a rememberence service at our church this morning and one of the veterans spoke those words as part of the service MadMudMob, it brought tears to my eyes then and again tonight. Not that it is hard to do that at the moment!!! lol Pam
  5. Me too - perhaps someone can explain how it works?? Pam
  6. dear MadMudMob, Now I understand a lot more from our communications the last few days. God Bless you for caring about me when you have suffered so much yourself. Huge Cyber Hugs - I wish I knew how to do all these clever things with pictures LOL Pam
  7. I watched that programme too and thought the same about the woman who took her bird in - It is so hard to take the decision to rehome your birds as I have just had to do as I am on tablet form chemotherapy, which has destroyed my immune system as well as taken away any energy I have left and without anyone to help me I really feel it is better for the birds to go now while they are young than hang on and be suddenly rehomed when I am in hospital or something. Unfortunately I have to sell them as I am living on benefits. I had come to this decision the day before Jackie died and I would have been keeping her anyway, but thats life I suppose , my life anyway. Pam
  8. My first was brought early at 38 weeks and weighed in at 8ils14oz. the next 3 were 7.12, 9 14, and 8.9. I often wonder if I was diabetic then as I am now! However I survived and thank god have 4 healthy (adult) children so try not to worry. Bigger babies dont cry as much at night in my experience!! Keep smiling lol Pam
  9. Jebirds I am speechless - that is beautiful, thank you. I have heard from the vet today and he says she definately died of old age - there was no sign of any disease at all and considering how small she was, she was well nourished. So all I can do now is grieve quietly and know that she is at peace. I am going to find a photo and put it on the rememberence site. Thanks again everyone especially you Jebirds that poem is beautiful lol Pam
  10. Hello madanimallover - Last year I suddenly found my income very severely reduced when my husband left me for a younger model after34 years of marriage, and I struggled with my parrots, because they had the best of everything up til then. I dont buy stuff for mine specially anymore, I combine my needs with theirs and all the tips above are very good. If I have chicken then they have a little, I was lucky enough to get a load of sweet corn from a local farmer for free and they all loved that (and I had some too) I dont buy any organic fruit or veg 'cos they dont keep as long as the cheaper ones and are more expensive. I watch for the bargains every week and I find if you have an Aldi or a Lidl near you their fruit and veg are a lot cheaper than other supermarkets. Best of Luck Pam
  11. I have just come on line today to find all those wonderful messages. Thank you all so much for caring and for the comfort you all give me ( even though I am bawling my eyes out again now!) The other two are very quiet and BamBam wouldnt come out of his cage tonight so I think they know two. I heard Sinbad calling Jackie today and that was hard, but it shows they care too. I am hoping to hear from the vet tomorrow about why she died and then she can go to the crem and be with Sheba my GSD I lost 3 years ago. I dare not put her in my tiny garden in case the cat digs her up, but I go up to the animal garden of rest every now and then and can visit the two of them together. Thanks again everyone lol Pam
  12. I couldnt agree more - the microwave, the smoke alarm, next doors chickens, 'dee dars' of all types!! Pam
  13. Sue what a strange at first, but now a lovely story. You must be as good a mum to your boys as your Mum was to you. [[[[ Hugs}}}} Pam xx
  14. I just want to tell everyone that my firstever parrot, a CAG, Jackie died yesterday, very suddenly. I had fed and watered her at about 9am and she was fine nuzzleing into my hand to get her favourite pinenuts out of her bowl first. I had to go to the hospital and left home about 9.45 and heard her whistleing as I left. I didnt get home until early afternoon and went to get the birds fruit and veg ready - not much for Jackie as she was a lifelong seedie and ate very little fruit and veg, but I had managed to get some sugar snap peas that she loved and mixed them in with almonds and unsalted cashew nuts and went in to the birds. To my horror Jackie was on the bottom of her cage, stone cold and stiff so she must have died shortly after I went out At first I wondered if I should have noticed something that morning, but on reflection she was fine. At least she wasnt ill and shouldnt have suffered. I have taken her to the vet to ask for a pm and he is pretty sure it must have been old age but I need him to check because of the other birds, I should find out on Thursday. Then she is going to the animal crematorium where my Sheba rests. Fly free and be well my baby at Rainbow Bridge - she will get all her feathers back and be happy I pray. :cry: :cry: Pam RIP Jackie - I will always remember you and love you xx
  15. I am still praying for little birdie and all my lot too - it is brilliant news so far and I am sure she will fight the rest of the way - she must be one determined little so and so. I have been following this from the beginning and was really crying last night, but am so pleased at the news so far. Positive vibes coming your way from all my lot. Pam lol
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