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  1. Duh, Roz, I don't know how it happened but I think I replied on the previous page, see what I mean about being a technical genius. x
  2. Oh no Roz, not so good then, sorry to hear you've been struggling, what started all that off then? I didn't know flu was doing the rounds yet, we're in Kent so it will be on it's way I guess. Have you got anyone home for the holidays? It must be hard for you with heart failure to do much at all, I don't know much about it but you make me feel so grateful that i'm up and about and can do some things for myself, I do feel for you. Yes chin up old stick, i'm saying old, I don't know if you are older than me so don't take it the wrong way, i'm 64. When I was bed bound for all those years I had some very stressful days but then I had other days where I managed what I could do and you just make the best of it if you can, like all of us, no choice. I hope your year gets better for you in whatever way is possible and wish you all the best of life. We are all situated so far from each other but at least we can get close on here. Back to the forum, do you think there will there be another whip round this year to keep it going? I don't know of any others out there except I guess Birdline is still surviving? The other ParrotLinks went sometime ago and we all know what happened to ParrotCare, are there any others functioning? I won't use Facebook so don't have any idea of what happens on there? By the way, Stormbird I think mentioned mobile devices. I'm terrible at techy things but read and replied your message on mobile yesterday as we were on our way to the O2 to see Simply Red (they were flawless) but I found it so easy to do. Anyway, love and hugs to you Roz, try to get strong and stay healthy. Maz
  3. Thanks Roz, you too, have you finished the mad present hunt yet?
  4. Hi Roz, nice to see you, am sending a wave back, can't get the hang of those picture things, too old and short of time. I do pop in and have a scout around now and again but there is so little going on that I never know what to say, silly isn't it. Why did we lose the for sale and wanted sections, maybe it would help bring a bit more traffic? Glad you are all still hard at it though. We now have two elderlies needing dementia care, both very demanding before the illness and it's just made them worse, unfortunately. Hope you all have a Happy Christmas, Peace and Good Health for 2016.
  5. Me too LAM, did it on my phone last night in bed, also forgot about timing! Whatever has happened to our lovely forum, where is everyone? I pop in now and again but it's so quiet and I don't like the new format either.
  6. Yep, they get their nut bowl left a day or so too or just topped up, they do have to share their nuts with me, and they make parrot soup, wasn't that an old film by the Marx Brothers?

    new parrotlet owner

    Yes lovely to have you on board and to hear all your progress, keep up the good work.

    Hello from somerset :)

    Hello and welcome, good to have you and your mob on the team. We also have a variety of fur and feathers not sure about Ammies though as we have macaws but I'm sure someone will be along to help when you need it.
  9. I sat into the wee hours and read all of this last night and still don't know what happened to the birds, was there ever any happy ending? Did June get prosecuted or punished for her misdeeds?


    Very sad news, so sorry to hear what's happened to you and your birdies. My two naughties won't eat parrot food at all, they have fresh fruit, veggies, mixed nuts, and as I think it was Milli said you can buy all sorts of dried fruit and bits now that we never used to have to add to a pellet diet if you find one you like. Johnson Jeff my friend uses and is very impressed with it, she bred one of ours and will only use what she considers good quality. Interesting snippet about the calcium absorption and peanuts, I didn't know that but ours don't eat much peanut, they just like cracking the shells most of the time.

    Hahns macaw wanted

    Sorry, not me, but good to see a new member, hope you find someone who can help soon.

    What does your parrot destroy around Xmas time

    Did make me smile, wicked little darlings, I don't understand why but we're all the same, somehow we all find it so parroty .cute that we forget to be cross.

    Debrambell - RIP 01.10.2012

    Oh no, how very sad, my thoughts and prayers to her family, just found this. Awful news.
  14. Sorry No, wrong side of UK but, there are members that breed greys here. Good luck with your search.

    Merlin and Charlie

    Wow, well done for letting her get to it in her own time, I think that's just so lovely to hear, please keep the updates going. We have similar with B&G Lou, a traumatised 20 week old that we paid full price to get hold of 5 or 6 years ago (he was HR by my friend and she is magic with any bird), the person who'd bought him just didn't know parrots. He joined a harlequin of same age who is vibrant, bossy and very, very clever, consequently he's henpecked most of the time and always comes second to her (her rules not ours). Prior to us getting him he'd had his wing feathers hacked off with a breadknife for taking flight from a shoulder at an outside fair, each year he's annihilated them, completely chewed and plucked them out so cannot fly. Just this last few months he's got more trusting with us and less nippy, will allow fingers to get past bars for a tickle without fear of amputation. We are all holding our breathe because the new feathers although still coming through are not so badly chomped (up to now), we would just love him to be able to fly, he sometimes tries a belly flop from the Starlight stand, both heart breaking and worrying but watch this space!