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  1. This is the bird i REALLY want. Whats it like to own one?
  2. I have a blackcap and a tiel. Can i move the toys from one cage and put them in the other birds cage? Would these result in tantrums? Or anything?
  3. Thanks twilighteyes! I am so glad i found this forum!!!!!!
  4. OOooooo nice info marie thanks! Thanks all!
  5. I knew i forgot to ask something " can the vets claim direct?" But the two i had heard from were Exotic direct and golden valley. I someone recomended me would they get anything out of it? You know like a shopping voucher? If so anyone want to recomend me?
  6. I have a black capped conure, do i need insurance? What company do you use and why?
  7. Some of you may know i just got a black capped conure. What tests should i have done and why?
  8. I am going to start a new thread as my question has now changed thanks all!
  9. I really wish i had known about quarantining him b4 i got him! Still the teil hasn`t been tested, so i guess he would need testing anyway. Ok what do you think i should be testing for? I know this may seem sad to some, but i would like him/her DNA tested, just so i know. I have no plans to breed. marie: would i be right in thinking you are a vet at the said vets? I have never had any reason to doubt these vets, but have had problems with other vets.
  10. The vets is a well know avairian vets as well as other exotics. The bird i have was kept in a bird room with a cage with hand reared green cheeks touching the black caps cage. I wan`t told to keep the birds apart. Should i just keep an eye for 30 days? The insurance is with exoticsdirect. Anyone use them? So i need insurance for a small bird like this? I have my ferrets and dogs insured, but not my teil.
  11. I resently got a H/R black capped conure from a well reputed parrot shop. He came with a free vet check and some free insurance. I took my brid for the free health check and the vet wanted to test for a few things including Psittacosis and at my request sexing in this bird and said as i hadn`t had him/her long i should have my other bird tested, when i pointed out that my bird having only been home for 7 days, may give a fales negative, He agreed that we should wait 2 weeks b4 testing. He wanted to run blood tests that cost £200. What tests do i really need to have done??
  12. Hi, I wanted to say hi and tell you abit about myself. I have kept the odd bird before, in january i got given a teil called teoc who was part tame. Then about three weeks ago my hubby got me a H/R black capped conure called keppie. I am loving every moment of him even when he tests me! As this my first step towards a military macaw one day!
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