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  1. The little one has found her way home Dropped her off at her owners today and she seemed very very happy to be home The owners of the bird were a mother and daughter who weren't home but the son was (who lost the bird in the first place) and apparently he was in quite deep hot water with his sister and mother who were in hysterics about loosing their fid. He tried to give me money (which I turned down flat) and insisted on getting my mobile number so that the mum and daughter could call and thank me when they got home Am so pleased that she is home - she was a very very sweet little thing who would fall asleep cuddled up on our hand while getting strokes. But she sure could bite hard when she didnt want to get off your shoulder - I have bites all over my hand :-/ Now I have to deal with the wrath of Sam the Senegal who, as she was very very careful to remind me, owns me lock stock and barrel and will not tolerate any encroachment into my affections by anything else with feathers
  2. Well so far so good i think. Called round all the local vet clinics and someone has reported a lovebird missing with the same markings Trying to get a hold of him atm
  3. We have found a black masked lovebird today. She is very thin but otherwise seems ok. Please contact me if you know of anyone missing one.
  4. Hi PM. I'm sorry that you haven't found a very good welcome in some guinea pig sites. I had a couple that I used to go to and I'll see if I can dig them out. The guinea pig world seems to be split in two (at least from what I could see) with those that breed them, and those that think that breeding shouldn't be done as there are so many rescues around. It can be quite a hot topic - as can keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together. I personally have never risked it as it can lead to such tragic circumstances that I was not willing to risk. Some instances can be fine, and others can seem fine until they explode. As far as your new piggy goes. Has she had babies before that you know? Its a shame that the previous owner didn't give you much in the way of guidance. As far as I know, when the babies are born you will want to separate them from contact with the rabbit as they will be playful and even if the rabbit is trying to play they are so small that one off kick can kill them. *edit* Here's the forum that I used : http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=11 That should take you to the pregnancy section of the forums. They are more rescue based then breeder based.
  5. She sounds sweet I have an 8 month old Sennie and I'm just starting to teach her to fly to my hand other than my shoulder or my head I have discovered that she absolutely adores foot toys, even more then her hanging toys. Not sure why
  6. Sounds a lot like my Sennie Sam. I know all about flying 'tag'. She is fascinated with our budgies and wants to get a closer look, but they aren't so keen and I like to keep her at some distance from them so I'm up and down more often then not getting her to leave them alone. She has also found that its great having breakfast with mummy as mummy usually has some tasty grapes that she can ****** off of her.... Wouldn't trade her for the universe though
  7. I've never really thought of handrearing to be detrimental so long as its a stable environment, as I believe the babies bond from hatching to their 'parents' and its not involving them being removed from their natural parents after spending a good deal of time with them. Just my thoughts
  8. To add, it was just something I was wondering as I am far from a parrot expert I'm just trying to understand/learn as much as I can I suppose what bothered me was an open advertisement for baby birds it left me with the impression that this person was more concerned with selling them on, maybe it it was phrased better as 'if you find you are having trouble taking care of a baby let us know and we will certainly be able to help you' ect ect..
  9. I suppose that's understandable however, given the sensitivity of some parrots, I would have thought that such a disruption in regular home life and their 'parents' would cause a great deal of distress to the babies and lead to psychological problems developing later in life.
  10. I found this on a website while looking for Senegal breeders (not having much luck hehe) Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal to sell unweaned parrots?
  11. Thank you It's actually orange in the upper chest area out of pictures, for some reason it shows up as yellow uniformly, not sure why
  12. Finally I got my digital camera working and I got some pics of my baby Sam :arrow: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c357/Kiah_Mand/Sam/Picture024.jpg :arrow: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c357/Kiah_Mand/Sam/Picture067.jpg :arrow: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c357/Kiah_Mand/Sam/Picture058.jpg :arrow: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c357/Kiah_Mand/Sam/Picture031.jpg
  13. That is comforting thank you I would say she has been on my head over twenty times today. I just dont like feeling little birdy feet on my head... A question though: She is flying to me at the moment, albeit on my head, if I keep at this and the behavior extinguishes itself - will she never fly to me again? Or will she fly to my hand as I have been trying to get her to do instead of my head?
  14. Thank you for replying I have read all of those, and I am more conforted about not wanting to clip my Sammys wings - the book I read made it sound like it was cruelty to not clip them. What I am worried about is how common is it for a bird to get hurt that is fully flighted while taking fright in the home? Also, the links dont really mention how to combat landing on my head. I mostly keep her at below eye level anyway and when she lands on my head she's immediately removed and returned to her stand. I get a lot of exercise going back and forth throughout the day
  15. I've been reading several parrot books that I got and I have to say I am a bit confused on some things. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information and I am not sure what to follow. For instance: Wing Clipping - Some books say that it is an owner's obligation to clip the wings of my bird at least slightly as this reduces the risk of the bird getting spooked (especially Senegals) and flying off in a panic and getting hurt. Other books say that it depends on the bird, and that during training it is beneficial to clip the wings as this helps in the training process and then gradually let them grow out. Yet others say that I should never have my bird's wings clipped and that they get on just fine being fully flighted. I would prefer to leave my bird as she is, she seems happy although ever so difficult to train to stay on her stand if I am doing something as she just flys to my shoulder. Over Bonding - A couple of books mentioned over bonding in birds, and how it should be avoided at all costs as it can almost certainly lead to agression and displaced aggression once the bird is matured. The other books I have don't seem to even mention this. How do I know if I've over bonded with her? She has come around so very much and seems to seek out my attention quite frequently. If I am sitting on the sofa and she wants attention she will fly to me and enjoy a cuddle and a scratch. She has even regurgitated on me a couple of times which the books say means a bird has bonded to you. She doesn't offer to bite anymore ever, even when I take her off my shoulder or the top of my head which she really likes apparently. Shoulder Perching - This is another thing thtat I am really confused about. Some books say its ok, others say it should never be allowed. She seems to really like being on my shoulder, maybe because she is fascinated by hair. She hasnt offered to bite while there and seems quite content to try to 'preen' my hair (apparently I don't do such a good job grooming my hair in her opinion) Also, as I've mentioned before she seems to love to fly to me and land on my head. Its no problem getting her off however I am wondering why she feels she needs to land on my head and not my outstretched hand. Can anyone help clear up my confusion?
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