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  1. i would love to see what she looks like when shes fully grown, Boxer and rottie cross, shes going to be great.
  2. Shes an OW, and being a loud one at the mo lol
  3. Arnie gets very camera shy and hides behind toys most of the time, today i managed to get her whilst eating some apple,the Vid is my Photo bucket link The funny thing is she didnt seem to realise that i was filming at first, but once she did, she stop in her tracks and stoped eating untill i turned the camera off. lol Excuse the tools in the back groound, doing some clearing out :oops:
  4. What details do the breeders ring have on them, The reason i ask is that i can see the letter F along with numbers ( that i cant quite make out the order of as she wont keep still long enoght for me to see ) would this be her sex or just a letter for the breeders ID ?
  5. Them pics are great, I must admit i have got in to a habbit of looking at every ones pics and vids at the mo. They great to look at and see other birds and peoples set ups The ones of Mojo and Shida when they were babies , how cool are they.. Trying to get more of Arnie but as soon as the camera comes out she hides behind her toys.. lol A little camera shy
  6. OMG, 22 years, poor jasper, i bet it tock a while for him to get confident with you, sounds like he is loving his new life now. how long have you had him?
  7. Arnie was cage bound for a couple of years before i rehomed her, and fairly untame, i had the same problem on when to let her out and finding out if she was going to go to bed at the end of the night, i found a good way was to get her used to a treat that she really like, but only give her the treat every now and then as it wont become a treat if she had it all the time. Once she knew what the treat was i would but some in her bowl and made sure she see me do it, sure enought a little while later she would go in to get her treat, but i would always say good night to her as she was going in.. I think she now understands the words good night now, but still have to guide her in a little. but it worked enough to get her to understand bed time, im sure soon she will go in when asked
  8. LOL i know he noise, the only thing is when Arnie has finished eating apple she cleans her beak by gratting the bottom part aginst the top, making a scrapping sort of grinding noise,,, my gf has compaired it to the noise of scratching your finger nails against a black board. lol mind you Arnie dose the same after eating grapes as well.
  9. Hi ya all Bit of a noval Soz Me and my partner re-homed an orange winged amazon about 8 weeks ago, i was at first looking for a baby but when i see how bad this bird had been looked after i had to give her a chance for a better life. The previous owner told me that she hadnt come out of her cage for a year, looking at how she was i would say that it was longer. Her cage was vile, didnt look like it had been cleaned at all, only on the day we went to see her, and belive me that was just an empty of the catch tray. At first arnie wouldnt come near me or my gf, even with treats or just standing close made her squark and want to take your hand off with a good bite. And even with the cage door open all day she would just site at the back. The only thing she would do is, when the door was shut she would hang from the top of the cage and swing her head or hold on to the side of the cage and do what i called chin-ups,(hence the name Arnie, which started as a nick name). I call her a girl but not really sure. She has really come out of her self now, compaired to how she used to be anyway. She Still dont like my gf at the mo, but am still trying to work on that, i think it might be because of the previous owners, as the lady their was clear that she didnt like birds that fly and was scared when they did..... Birds that FLY,,,,,, THATS WHAT THEY DO........ and wouldnt be suprised if she had had a swip at arnie at some time. Some people. Any way, Arnie is now letting me scratch her head, in fact she comes over to me when i stand next to her cage and pushes against my hand for a head scratch. She has flown to me a few times across the room and landed on my head or arm and on the odd occasion on my back. She has had to get practice in flying again and has had some crash landings as well. The fist few flights she had , i just dont think she had the muscle strengh to fly properly. Arnie still dont play much at the mo, as in with her toys she dont seem to no what to do with them, I did try her last night with a paper ball and i was dropping it through the hoop that holds one of her food bowls to try and make a game out of it, she did respond to it but im not sure if she was playing or attacking it lol. Her cage is pretty much left open all day, as long as someone is here, and i work from home so its most of the time but she still seems to like being in the cage rather than out, untill it gets to night time then she out and about. Anyway think ive bored you all , lol Heres a couple of pics of Arnie http://s67.photobucket.com/albums/h293/onlymem82000/Arnie/
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